Counter Terror

Welcome to the world of ‘Counter Terror,’ a dynamic ‘CS’ style game that blends exciting gameplay with vehicular combat. Dive into this fast-paced action game and experience the following features:

Main Features

  • Expansive Arsenal: Choose from more than 10 types of weapons, all available for free.
  • Diverse Maps: Explore and battle across 8 different game maps.
  • Variety of Vehicles: Access 4 different cars to navigate and combat in style.
  • Game Modes: Engage in intense matches with modes like ‘DeathMatch’ and ‘Team DeathMatch’.
  • Military Ranks: Rise through 5 military ranks, where each promotion doubles the power of all your weapons.

Rank Progression

Start your journey as a common soldier and climb the ranks to:

  1. Soldier
  2. Lieutenant
  3. Major
  4. Colonel
  5. General

Vehicle Spawning & Combat

On maps like “Big City” and “GTA SA,” you can summon a car by heading to the garage and pressing the “Car Calling” button. Once inside, enjoy the thrill of shooting from your car.

Join a Clan

Choose your allegiance and join one of two clans in the game:

  • CCCP
  • DOLG

Game Controls

Here’s a handy guide to the controls you’ll need to master:

On Foot

Tab           = Open menu
P             = Full screen
WASD/Arrows  = Move
Left Shift   = Run
Space        = Jump
C             = Crouch
Left Ctrl    = Lie
1-9/Middle Mouse = Change weapon
E, Q          = Switch weapons
Left Mouse   = Fire
Right Mouse  = Aim
R             = Reload weapon
F             = Pick up weapon
T             = Open chat
H             = Show/hide chat

In Car

Enter         = Enter car
WASD         = Move car
C             = Change camera view in car
Space        = Get up from car
F/Left Mouse = Shoot from car
L             = Police alert

Immerse yourself in the action, refine your skills, and climb the ranks in ‘Counter Terror’. Whether afoot or behind the wheel, every decision can lead to victory or defeat. Choose your weapons, select a car, and prepare for battle — your adventure starts now!

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