Zombie Shooter 3D

Prepare for an exhilarating PvP combat experience in the online multiplayer mode of Zombie Shooter 3D. This is not just any regular shootout – it’s a battle for survival amidst a world overrun by the undead.

Apocalyptic World Setting

In the grim year of 2037, a catastrophic event unfolds as a secretive laboratory unleashes the doom virus plague, sparking a global pandemic. Created by an organization of doom haters, this virus rapidly spreads, transforming people into the unkilled – the walking dead that now haunt our world, turning it into a barren dead zone.

Your Mission as a SAS Zombie Shooter

  • Embark on a perilous journey through the plague-ridden landscape.
  • Engage in fierce combat against hordes of the doom walking dead.
  • Strive to rescue other survivors and eradicate the undead menace.

The Fight Against Ares Virus Plague

The Ares Virus plague is no ordinary threat; it has thrown humanity into an era of chaos and darkness, where the faintest glimmer of light is on the verge of being extinguished. As a sas (Special Air Service) zombie shooter, you’re humanity’s last hope in a world teeming with evil.

Battle Strategy

Your ultimate weapon is resilience and relentless aggression. Remember:

  • Keep your finger on the trigger, ready to unleash a barrage of bullets.
  • Headshots are your pathway to success, ensuring efficient kills.
  • There’s no place for running; stand your ground, fight back with courage.
  • Stay vigilant, conserve your ammo, and keep your weapons loaded.
  • Experience the thrill of constant combat with endless streams of dead trigger.

This is more than a test of your aim and shooting skills; it’s a challenge to your will to survive. Will you rise as a hero in this decayed world, or will you succumb to the darkness? Lock and load for a never-ending adrenaline-pumping zombie showdown in Zombie Shooter 3D.


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