Radiation Zone

Welcome to Radiation Zone, a thrilling First-Person Shooter (FPS) game where you immerse yourself in a zone infested with zombies and hostile forces. As a skilled operative, your ultimate objective is to cleanse the area of all terrorist threats in the highly contaminated radiation zone.

Gameplay Overview

You will navigate through unpredictable terrains, encountering a variety of challenges that test your survival skills to the limit. Your adventure is facilitated by an array of weapons and ammunition scattered across the environment.

Inventory Management

An integral part of your journey involves managing your inventory wisely:

  • Collect loot to enhance your chances of survival.
  • Set up a temporary shelter by assembling a tent, requiring four pieces of cloth and four branches.
  • For sustenance, seek out water and food to maintain your health.

Weapon Arsenal

Prepare for combat with an extensive list of weapons at your disposal:

  • Sniper rifle: For long-range precision.
  • AK-47: A robust assault rifle for intense firefights.
  • Knife: Silent but deadly close-quarters combat.
  • Rifle: Dependable for various combat scenarios.
  • RPG: Explosive power against armored threats.
  • Grenade: Effective for clearing clusters of enemies.
  • Makarov pistol: A reliable sidearm.

Controls Guide

Get a grip on the controls to excel in your mission:

  • escape: Open the game menu.
  • WASD: Navigate the character.
  • ctrl: Enter crouch mode for stealth.
  • left shift: Sprint to evade or engage.
  • q, e: Lean left or right for tactical peeks.
  • tab: Access your inventory.
  • f: Pick up items or examine weapon crates.
  • 1..3: Quick weapon switching.
  • left mouse: Fire your weapon.
  • right mouse: Aim down sight for accuracy.
  • g: Throw a grenade to maximize damage.
  • Mouse Interaction:
    • Double left click: Use an item.
    • Double right click: Drop an item.

Embark on this complex mission and good luck surviving the Radiation Zone!


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