Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box – 36 Packs (540 Cards)

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• 36-pack Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box with 540 total cards
• Each pack includes 15 cards and 1 token/ad card
• Features reprints from Ravnica’s history and its ten guilds
• Guaranteed Retro card in every pack for a nostalgic experience
• At least 1 Rare or Mythic Rare card per pack, with up to 3 possible
• Chance of Traditional Foil card in 33% of boosters
• Less than 1% chance of Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic card
• Ideal for drafting: build decks and play with friends
• Combines art, story, and strategy in gameplay
• Contents: 36 Draft Boosters, each with 15 Magic: The Gathering cards


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Submerge yourself into the vibrant and intricate world of Ravnica through the Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your gameplay, reel in a collection of nostalgic cards, or engage in the strategic depth of Magic: The Gathering, this booster box is your gateway to an epic collecting and gaming adventure.

What’s Inside The Draft Booster Box?

  • 36 Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosters: Each Draft Booster includes 15 Magic: The Gathering cards plus 1 token/ad card.
  • Variety of Card Rarities: You’re guaranteed to find 1–2 cards Rare or higher, as well as a delightful mix of 3–5 Uncommon and 9–11 Common cards.
  • Retro Magic: Each pack grants you one card of any rarity with a special Retro design.
  • Traditional Foils: Revel in the chance to uncover a Traditional Foil card in roughly 33% of the boosters, with the likelihood of a Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic in <1% of boosters.

Special Features

  • Join the Guilds: Immerse yourself as a member of one of the ten distinct guilds that shape the bustling metropolis of Ravnica.
  • Retro Card: Each pack is infused with a slice of history, featuring a Retro card that celebrates Ravnica’s rich legacy.
  • A Guaranteed Rare or Mythic Rare: The thrill of finding a Rare or Mythic Rare awaits in every pack, with a chance to discover a sparkling Traditional Foil.

Perfect for Drafting

Magic: The Gathering Draft Boosters are precisely crafted for the art of drafting. Simply gather your friends, each wield three packs, select your favorite cards, and construct a competitive deck. Augment with some lands, and embark on head-to-head battles that test skill, strategy, and luck.

The Magic Experience

Magic: The Gathering is more than a card game. It’s an intricate blend of art, storytelling, and strategic gameplay. It’s a universe that welcomes all— whether you’re looking to play a friendly match, engage in competitive tournaments, or simply appreciate the expansive art and stories captured on these miniature canvases. Magic invites you into its community, The Gathering.

Box Contents at a Glance

Each Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box contains:

  • 36 Draft Boosters: With 15 Magic: The Gathering cards per pack.

Step into the world of Ravnica and retrace the origins of the game you love, all while creating new moments and strategies to cherish. Secure your Draft Booster Box and join the grand tradition of Magic: The Gathering.

Specification: Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box – 36 Packs (540 Cards)

Product Dimensions

5 x 8.11 x 2.99 inches

Item Weight

2.16 pounds

Item model number


Release date

January 12, 2024


Wizards of the Coast


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Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box – 36 Packs (540 Cards)
Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Box – 36 Packs (540 Cards)

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