Bandai Namco Ultimate Legends – Naruto 5″ Sasuke Uchiha (Young) Action Figure

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• Ultimate Legends – Naruto delivers a high-quality figure created to look exactly like your favorite character from the popular anime series, Naruto Shippuden
• Each character in the Ultimate Legend series is approximately 5 inches tall with 27 points of articulation
• Recreate iconic scenes from the anime
• Search for more characters from the Ultimate Legends series and expand your collection!
• Ages 4+


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Unmatched Poseability and Detail

27 Points of Articulation: The Sasuke Uchiha action figure comes to life with an impressive 27 points of articulation, providing fans with the ability to recreate an almost unlimited array of action-packed poses true to the anime’s dynamic fight scenes.

Premium Design: With detailed craftsmanship, this collector’s item perfectly captures the youthful likeness of Sasuke, complete with his signature attire and stoic expression.

The Legacy of Sasuke Uchiha

A revered character, Sasuke is a prodigious ninja from Konoha’s legendary Uchiha clan. His formidable talent and keen tactical mind make him a standout:

  • Adept Ninja: As a young shinobi, Sasuke demonstrated extraordinary combat skills which earned him top marks amongst his peers.
  • Team 7 Member: Alongside his teammates Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno, Sasuke completes the iconic Team 7, guided by their sensei, Kakashi Hatake.

Your Ultimate Ninja Collection

Immortalize your Naruto experience: By incorporating Sasuke Uchiha into your collection, you can relive the cherished moments from the series each time you glance at your display.

  • Companion Pieces: Adjoin Sasuke with other figures from the Ultimate Legends series for an extensive showcase of the rich Naruto universe.
  • Age Appropriate: This figure is suitable for Naruto enthusiasts aged 4 years and above, making it perfect for both young fans and seasoned collectors.

Experience the precision and attention to detail that Bandai Namco brings to the Ultimate Legends – Naruto series, and let this Sasuke Uchiha figure teleport you back to the thrilling encounters and heartfelt narratives of the anime. His legacy now continues beyond the screen and into the cherished space of your collection.

Specification: Bandai Namco Ultimate Legends – Naruto 5″ Sasuke Uchiha (Young) Action Figure

Product Dimensions

0.79 x 1.5 x 4.61 inches

Item Weight

2.46 ounces

Country of Origin


Item model number


Release date

October 27, 2023


Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America


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Bandai Namco Ultimate Legends – Naruto 5″ Sasuke Uchiha (Young) Action Figure
Bandai Namco Ultimate Legends – Naruto 5″ Sasuke Uchiha (Young) Action Figure

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