Zorro the Chronicles (PS4)

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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $19.37.

• Play as Zorro or Ines, embracing the role of a hero fighting for justice.
• Level up by unlocking new moves to enhance your hero’s skills.
• Master swordplay and acrobatics to outmaneuver and disarm opponents.
• Navigate through 18 levels, making strategic choices to overcome challenges.
• Engage in action-packed sword fights or use stealth to surprise enemies.
• Interact with a cast of characters from the animated series, each with unique roles.
• Immerse yourself in 19th century Spanish California on a quest to restore justice.

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $19.37.

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Embark on a thrilling quest with Zorro the Chronicles. This action-packed game draws its inspiration from the beloved TV series, plunging players into the heart of 19th century Spanish California. Don your mask, cape, and sword as you step into the boots of Zorro or his courageous sister, Ines. It’s time to deliver swift justice against the cruel general and his ruthless army.

Key Highlights:

  • Choose Your Hero: Battle for justice as the iconic Zorro or the fierce Ines, each with a unique skill set.
  • Level Up: Enhance your hero’s abilities by unlocking powerful new moves and skills throughout your adventure.
  • Sword Mastery: Outwit and outmaneuver foes using a combination of swordplay, whip strikes, and dazzling acrobatics to avoid incoming attacks.
  • Strategic Gameplay: With 18 diverse levels, adapt your strategy to overcome challenges and nefarious enemies in your path.
  • Stealth or Action: Employ stealth tactics to catch adversaries unaware or engage in electrifying sword fights for a more direct approach.
  • Vibrant Characters: Encounter an array of characters lifted straight from the animated series, each playing a pivotal role in your journey towards justice.

Whether you’re a fan of the storyline or seeking an action-adventure challenge, Zorro the Chronicles offers an immersive gaming experience that honors the spirit of the classic hero. So ready your whip and sword, it’s time to carve the letter ‘Z’ into the annals of gaming history.

Specification: Zorro the Chronicles (PS4)

Release date

August 2, 2022

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 5.24 x 0.39 inches; 2.4 ounces

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Video Game




Everyone 10plus

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Item Weight

2.4 ounces


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Date First Available

March 11, 2022


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Zorro the Chronicles (PS4)
Zorro the Chronicles (PS4)

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $19.37.
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