Zombie Night Terror

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• Command a relentless zombie horde to orchestrate an apocalypse
• Unique mutation system to evolve zombies with new powers and abilities
• Strategic gameplay requiring careful planning to breach human defenses
• Combine mutations for powerful zombie combos and maximize destruction
• Humans present a challenge with their resistance and counterattacks
• Dark humor and clever puzzles enhance the engaging experience


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Experience the thrill of being at the helm of an apocalyptic zombie rampage in Zombie Night Terror. As the mastermind controlling a growing army of the undead, you have the power to unleash a global pandemic that could erase humanity from the face of the earth. Filled with dark humor, clever puzzles, and a horde of hungry zombies, this game promises a uniquely engaging experience.

Strategic Undead Command

  • Your horde of zombies acts on your every command, ensuring a seamless execution of your apocalyptic plans.
  • Sadly, these zombies can’t be your buddies for a chat about movies or books, as they are just meat-hungry undead creatures.

Innovative Mutation System

  • Evolve your zombies by using the mutation system to breach the defenses of the living.
  • Unlock unique powers and abilities by creating new types of ferocious mutated zombies.

Combos That Pack A Punch

  • Spice up your strategy by combining mutations to discover explosive zombie potential.
  • Find out the squishy limits of human endurance in the face of your unstoppable zombie combos.

The Living – A Resourceful Bane

  • Humans are a means to keep your zombie troops well-fed and entertained.
  • Be cautious, as humanity won’t stand idly by while their kind is devoured and will fight back with determination and firepower.

Zombie Night Terror invites you to embrace the dark side of gaming, where you aren’t just surviving an apocalypse—you are leading one. Can you outwit the living and spread the terror until you’ve conquered every last survivor?

Specification: Zombie Night Terror


Brand: Avance Discos

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