Zombi PlayStation 4

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• UK IMPORT VERSION – Region-free, playable in the USA
• Pure Survival Horror – Limited resources and tough choices
• Permadeath – Death means becoming the undead
• Reclaim Gear – Retrieve supplies from your zombified former character
• Intense Gameplay – Enhanced for PS4, no second chances
• Sparse Resources – Manage inventory for survival
• Ever-Present Threat – Constant danger from the shadows
• High Stakes – New character with each death, no old saves
• Ultimate Test – Scavenge or recover, survival uncertain


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The Last Blight – London is overcome by an apocalyptic plague. Once bustling streets now harbor a fog of death, and the echo of Big Ben’s toll marks the demise of the unprepared. As survivors dwindle, you must ask yourself—how long can you outlast the undead nightmare that awaits?

Embrace the Horror

ZombiU’s adrenaline-inducing gameplay has been enhanced for the PlayStation 4, bringing an intense survival horror experience directly to your console. Test your will to endure in a world that offers no second chances.

Gameplay Features

The essence of Zombi revolves around the core tenets of survival horror:

  • Pure Survival Horror: Scavenge for resources in a world where they’re in short supply. The choices you make can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Permadeath: Every life matters. If you fall, your character becomes part of the infected horde. Reincarnate as a new survivor, with your first task to reclaim the gear from your previous life.
  • Bug-Out Bag: This crucial piece of equipment contains everything you need to stay alive. Lose sight of this at your peril. Upon death, it remains with your previous character, who now roams as one of the undead.

Do You Dare?

UK IMPORT VERSION – This is a region-free product, meaning it’s fully operational within the USA.

What Awaits You:

  • Sparse Resources: Every bullet, bandage, and bite matters. Can you manage your precious inventory to ensure survival?
  • Ever-Present Threat: Death stands right around every corner. Learn to fear the shadows and what lurks within.
  • High Stakes: With permadeath, there’s no loading an old save. Each new character carries the hope and dread of a fresh start.

Prepare for the Ultimate Test

Will you scavenge new supplies or venture into the unknown to recover what was lost? The relentless dread of the undead awaits in Zombi PlayStation 4. Steel your nerves, and remember, survival is far from certain.

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Specification: Zombi PlayStation 4

Product Dimensions

0.53 x 6.69 x 5.31 inches; 3.53 ounces

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Video Game





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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

3.52 ounces


UBI Soft

Date First Available

January 7, 2016


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