WWI Verdun Western Front PS5 Game

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• Authentic WW1 atmosphere with accuracy in maps, weaponry, and uniforms
• Tactical squad-based FPS gameplay
• Play as Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Austro-Hungarian, German, and Bulgarian troops
• Seven squads and 50+ weapons for strategic variety
• Nine large maps with weather variants for immersive battles
• 64 player Manoeuvre game mode for capturing strategic sectors
• Never fight alone with multiplayer support
• Available for PlayStation 5.


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Verdun: Realistic WWI Combat
Embark on an intense historical journey with Verdun, a pioneering multiplayer First-Person Shooter that thrusts you into the gritty and authentic setting of World War I. Experience the harsh realities of trench warfare, where strategic battles of attack and defense come to life.

Gameplay that Takes You Back in Time
Verdun’s gameplay transports you to the frontlines with its five game modes, designed with historical accuracy in mind. You’ll find yourself handling realistic WWI weaponry, wearing genuine uniforms, and witnessing the shockingly real representation of gore. Explore the faithfully recreated battlefields of France and Belgium, where strategy and skill are your tools for survival.

A Glimpse Into Verdun’s Key Features:

  • Realism at Its Core: Engage in a true WWI battlefield experience, with optional realistic gore to visualize the terrifying reality of war. Master the handling of distinct weaponry without aids such as floating crosshairs, and take into account the authentic bullet physics.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Navigate through treacherous no man’s land to seize enemy trenches. Then, switch to defensive tactics to safeguard your territory. Stay vigilant for artillery strikes and gas attacks, where a quick reaction is the difference between life and death.

The Heart of WWI:
Dive deep into the era of the western front from 1914 to 1918, during one of the most intense conflicts in history. The game draws inspiration from the harrowing Battle of Verdun in 1916, offering not just entertainment, but an homage to the soldiers’ courage.

A World War I Atmosphere Unmatched:

  • Experience Historical Accuracy: Verdun’s commitment to authenticity is evident in every detail, from the geographical maps to the period-appropriate weaponry and uniforms, immersing you in a bygone era.
  • Tactical Squad-Based FPS: Take on the role of troops from various nations such as Russia, Romania, Latvia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Bulgaria. Delve into this strategy-driven shooter that offers seven squads, over 50 weapons, and large scale maps granting ample tactical opportunities.
  • Diverse Battlegrounds: Each of the nine expansive maps showcases its own weather patterns, ranging from snow-blanketed fields to the bright summer sun, challenging your adaptability in combat.
  • Massive Multiplayer Engagements: The 64 player Manoeuvre game mode presents grand-scale conflicts where capturing strategic points is key.
  • Comrades in Arms: The bond of brotherhood is vital for survival. You’ll never have to face the enemy alone in Verdun’s immersive combative world.

Specification: WWI Verdun Western Front PS5 Game


Brand: Mindscape

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WWI Verdun Western Front PS5 Game
WWI Verdun Western Front PS5 Game


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