World War Z (Nintendo Switch)

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• Adaptation of the Paramount Pictures film, World War Z, for an immersive zombie-shooting experience
• Portable third-person shooter action on the Nintendo Switch
• Intense gameplay against massive zombie swarms
• Diverse global settings from New York to Moscow
• Tactical movement and survival strategy
• Join a group of survivors to combat the zombie apocalypse


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Experience the Zombie Apocalypse On-The-Go:

World War Z, the electrifying zombie shooter that has entranced over 15 million players across the globe, is now unleashing its undead hordes on the Nintendo Switch. Immerse yourself in heart-stopping action directly inspired by the Paramount Pictures film, World War Z. This game promises an intense, third-person shooter experience with massive swarms of hundreds of zombies that will test your survival instincts.

Global Cataclysm:

As humanity teeters on the edge of extinction, the zombie apocalypse ravages city after city. From the chaos of New York to the frozen wastelands of Moscow, from the ancient fortifications of Jerusalem to other iconic locations, the pandemic of the undead shows no signs of slowing down. In these dark times, a group of survivors stands firm, determined to gun down the swarms and persevere against the walking dead.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the hit Paramount Pictures film for an authentic World War Z experience
  • Engaging third-person shooter gameplay with a focus on tactical movement
  • Thrilling scenarios set around the world, each filled with relentless hordes of zombies

World War Z brings the thrilling action and strategy of mowing down zombie swarms to the palm of your hands with Nintendo Switch. Embark on this heart-stopping adventure and join forces with the brave few who are fighting back against the apocalypse. Can you survive the dead?

Specification: World War Z (Nintendo Switch)


Brand: Solutions To Go

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World War Z (Nintendo Switch)
World War Z (Nintendo Switch)

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