Wild Card Football – PlayStation 5

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Create Your Dream Team – Choose from hundreds of professional players, reimagined Playgrounds-style, and assemble the ultimate 7-on-7 gridiron squad. Advance through different challenges and events to unlock new players and other exciting rewards.
Unleash over 150 Wild Cards to turn the tide of the game in an instant. Bust out special moves like summoning walls or invisibility, boost your team’s stats at a crucial moment, or play a Rule-Breaker & flip the rules of the game completely.
Become a Champion – Prove your skills in single-player Season mode, climb to the top of the leaderboards in competitive online multiplayer with full crossplay, or challenge your friends at home for bragging rights in local multiplayer.


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Experience Football Like Never Before: Wild Card Football brings an exciting twist to the world of arcade-style football. It’s a game where the fun never stops, featuring a 7-on-7 team dynamic and the innovative Wild Card system that transforms the action instantly with incredible power-ups and game-changing abilities.

Dive into the thrilling, team-centered gameplay that has been streamlined with optimized rules for maximum entertainment. Dress your team in customizable outfits, recruit authentic pro players, and perform jaw-dropping maneuvers. Whether you’re competing in the single-player mode or challenging opponents in multiplayer matches, the use of ‘Wild Cards’ revolutionizes the football genre with its spectacular, over-the-top action.

Build Your Ultimate Football Team

  • Assemble a Star-Studded Roster: Choose from iconic professional players, each with a distinctive Playgrounds-style design, and put together your dream 7-on-7 football team.
  • Unlock New Rewards: Progress through various challenges and events to discover new players and receive exciting in-game rewards.

Master the ‘Wild Cards’

  • A Total of 150+ Wild Cards: Flip the game on its head with Wild Cards, allowing you to conjure up walls, gain invisibility, or surge your team’s performance precisely when it matters most.
  • Rule-Breaker Moves: Change the gameplay with Rule-Breakers that defy the standard football rules, introducing a wild, unpredictable element into every match.

Path to Victory

  • Single-Player Season Mode: Showcase your talents and aim for the top in the compelling Season mode designed for solo play.
  • Online and Local Multiplayer: Battle others for the champion’s title, whether it’s facing online adversaries with crossplay capabilities or challenging friends to local multiplayer showdowns.

Personalize Your Gameplay

  • Customize Your Team: Design your team’s aesthetic by choosing logos, uniforms, and colors, and pick your home stadium.
  • Unique Playbooks and Wild Card Decks: Develop your game plan and create unique decks to optimize your on-field strategies.

Special Pre-Order Bonus:

Secure your copy now and receive four legacy players with exclusive outfits at launch: Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders.

Specification: Wild Card Football – PlayStation 5


Brand: Deep Silver

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Wild Card Football – PlayStation 5
Wild Card Football – PlayStation 5


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