Tropico 5 Complete Collection – PlayStation 4

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• Complete Collection: Includes all 3 DLC packs and 10 scenarios for PS4.
• Historical Progression: Lead Tropico from colonial times through modern era.
• Dynasty Feature: Appoint family members to power positions to secure your legacy.
• Exploration: Send prospectors to uncover resources and navigate hostile environments.
• Research and Development: Innovate with new buildings, technologies, and resources.
• Strategic Gameplay: Manage your island’s politics, economy, and foreign relations.


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Become El Presidente: Embark on a journey of leadership as you take the reins of the island nation of Tropico during its early colonial days. Your quest is to shape the nation through centuries, carefully managing the evolving needs of your people while dealing with the unfolding political landscape. Strategize to forge your own powerful dynasty and ensure that your family’s influence endures as you face each new era.

Key Features of Tropico 5 – Complete Collection

  • Comprehensive DLC Packs: This complete collection includes all three DLC content packs for PS4, featuring 10 engaging scenarios: The Big Cheese, Mad World, Generalissimo, Joint Venture, Surf’s Up, Gone Green, Supervillain, Inquisition, Super Computer, and T-Day.
  • Explore and Expand: Venture beyond the fog of war with your prospectors to uncover new resources, but stay alert for dangers such as wildlife and indigenous tribes.
  • Progress Through The Eras: Guide your country starting from the colonial period, through the trials of World Wars, the economic turmoil of the Great Depression, up to the strategic complexities of the Cold War, and bring Tropico into the modern age and beyond.
  • Build Your Dynasty: Every member of El Presidente’s extended family is available to play a role in your governance. Appoint them to positions of power, including ruler, manager, ambassador, or general, to cement their legacy on Tropico.
  • Innovate and Evolve: Propel your nation forward by investing in research to unlock new advancements, construct new buildings, and harness resources to support your growing empire.

Survive Through Epochs

As you ascend to power in Tropico 5, you are tasked with navigating the challenges thrown by history itself. Will you emerge as a beacon of prosperity through the World Wars? Can you maintain control during the pendulum swing of economic crises and political unrest? Only your strategic prowess as the island’s Supreme Leader can dictate the success of your rule through historical tumults.

Establish Your Legacy

With the future of Tropico in your hands, every decision you make will echo through the ages. Cultivate your dynasty and watch as your family members influence the course of history. Will you be remembered as a benevolent leader or a tyrannical dictator? The choice is yours in Tropico 5.

Specification: Tropico 5 Complete Collection – PlayStation 4

Release date

October 11, 2016

Product Dimensions

0.6 x 5.32 x 6.75 inches; 3.21 ounces

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Video Game



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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3.2 ounces


Kalypso Media

Date First Available

April 12, 2016


Brand: Kalypso Media

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Tropico 5 Complete Collection – PlayStation 4
Tropico 5 Complete Collection – PlayStation 4

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