Trepang2 – PlayStation 5

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• Trepang2 – PlayStation 5
• Video Game, Mature
• Developed by Fireshine Games, USA
• Release Date: September 5, 2023
• Brand: U&I Entertainment
• EXPLOSIVE SINGLE-PLAYER STORY CAMPAIGN: Break free from a blacksite, uncover the truth, and face a deadlier threat.
• NEXT LEVEL SUPER-POWERS: Master superhuman abilities to defeat armed mercenaries, slow down time, and become invisible.
• BRUTAL MELEE COMBAT: Engage in intense close-quarters combat and unleash devastating combos.
• Be the ultimate badass with supernatural abilities and seek revenge.
• PlayStation 5 game in the category of Games.


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Embrace Your Supernatural Side and Seek Vengeance

You take on the role of a formidable soldier, suffering from amnesia, yet bestowed with extraordinary powers. Fueled by the singular motive of revenge, your character is an unstoppable force. Experience the rush of delivering crushing blows, lurking in the shadows, as well as harnessing an arsenal of explosive weaponry to outsmart and obliterate your adversaries.

Immersive Single-Player Campaign

Regain Your Past and Confront Unseen Dangers

Your journey begins when a covert faction liberates you from a maximum-security installation. Although your past is shrouded in mystery, your fighting capabilities are supernaturally enhanced. You must battle through adversity to uncover the truth, and prepare to encounter a menace far more perilous than any other, including yourself.

Unleash Hyper-Advanced Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength and Speed: Wield your unmatched power to send battalions of well-equipped mercenaries flying into the future.
  • Time Manipulation: Slow time to a crawl, skillfully evading a hail of bullets and creating an advantage in heated exchanges.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Embrace stealth with your ability to turn invisible, executing silent takedowns to eliminate unsuspecting foes.

Intense Close-Quarters Combat

Engage in High-Octane Brawls

Meet your enemies face-to-face in visceral melee battles. Harness the opportunity to display your combat prowess with fast-paced shootouts, punishing strikes, agile slides, and perform ferocious combos that will disintegrate the opposition into oblivion.

Experience the ultimate power fantasy as you journey through Trepang2, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Specification: Trepang2 – PlayStation 5

Release date

October 3, 2023

Package Dimensions

6.65 x 5.35 x 0.59 inches; 2.75 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



Item Weight

2.75 ounces


Fireshine Games

Country of Origin


Date First Available

September 5, 2023


Brand: U&I Entertainment

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Trepang2 – PlayStation 5
Trepang2 – PlayStation 5

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