Tormented Souls

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• Classic survival horror experience with a modern twist
• Fixed-perspective adventure that challenges players
• Investigate the eerie disappearance of twins at Winterlake
• Encounter sinister events as Caroline Walker
• Solve complex puzzles using scavenged resources and clues
• Uncover the dark secrets of a mansion-turned-hospital
• Engage in deadly combat against horrific adversaries
• Navigate a story of mystery and terror to find the truth


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Tormented Souls is a refreshing take on the genre of classic survival horror. It introduces a modern twist to the fixed perspective adventure, adapting the style for a new generation of gamers. At the heart of this chilling narrative is Caroline Walker, who embarks on a daunting quest to uncover the strange disappearance of twin girls in a menacing mansion that has been transformed into a hospital.

The Sinister Mystery of Winterlake

At Winterlake, the haunting aura is palpable as Caroline Walker delves into the investigation of the missing twins—a journey that swiftly turns terrifying for her. As she uncovers the hidden secrets of this place, the sense of evil intensifies.

Reimagining Survival Horror

Tormented Souls stands as a tribute to the iconic survival horror genre, while simultaneously reinventing the classic fixed-perspective gameplay for today’s audience.

Engrossing Puzzles and Challenges

  • Gather crucial resources and tools
  • Decipher cryptic clues found in forgotten journals
  • Combine gathered elements to resolve complex puzzles
  • Unravel the mysteries hidden within the hospital’s walls

Survive Against the Dark

An array of dark forces and indescribable horrors are bent on preventing Caroline from discovering the truth. To fight back against these malevolent entities, she must use whatever resources she can find within the dark corners of the mansion.

The Quest for Truth

Amidst this backdrop of terror, one question remains: Can Caroline Walker not only uncover the truth but also survive the harrowing ordeal that awaits her in Winterlake?

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Specification: Tormented Souls

Release date

August 27, 2021

Product Dimensions

4.88 x 4.88 x 4.88 inches; 2.4 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



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Item Weight

2.39 ounces



Date First Available

March 12, 2021


Brand: PQube

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