Tormented Souls PS5

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• Tormented Souls is a modern take on classic survival horror.
• Scavenge essential resources and tools to survive.
• Decipher clues from long-forgotten journals to progress.
• Solve fiendish puzzles to uncover the truth.
• Dark forces and unspeakable horrors will try to stop you.
• Use anything you can find to fight back against the evils.
• Discover a shimmering mirror that challenges reality.
• Available for PlayStation.


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Immersive Survival Horror Experience

Tormented Souls rejuvenates the classic survival horror genre, blending the traditional fixed perspective with modern gameplay elements. As the protagonist Caroline Walker, players find themselves delving into the unsettling enigma of twin girls vanished from a chilling mansion that doubles as a hospital.

Key Features

  • Old-School Meets New-School: This title is a sophisticated reinterpretation of the classic fixed-perspective adventure, perfect for both nostalgic fans and newcomers.
  • Intense Puzzle Solving: Players must gather resources, pore over ancient diaries, and combine their findings to unravel complicated puzzles hidden within the ominous setting.
  • Supernatural Adversaries: The journey is fraught with dark entities and terrifying horrors that will attempt to thwart Caroline’s progress at every turn.
  • Resourcefulness is Key: Utilize any object you can find within the decrepit halls of the mansion to fend off the terrors that lurk in the shadows.
  • Reality-Bending Discoveries: The perception of reality is put to the test when Caroline finds a luminous mirror in a forsaken corner, introducing an entirely new dimension to the gameplay.

Prepare to confront the secrets of Winterlake. As the mystery uncoils, you might find that the true horror lies in the truth you uncover.

Specification: Tormented Souls PS5


Brand: PQube

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