Tokyo School Life – Nintendo Switch

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• Limited Physical Edition: Only 5,000 copies available worldwide.
• Interactive Visual Novel: Experience a summer love story in Tokyo as an exchange student.
• Meet Three Characters: Befriend Karin, Aoi, and Sakura, each with unique personalities and stories.
• Fully Animated & Voiced: High-quality animation and Japanese voice acting bring characters to life.
• Dynamic Storytelling: Your choices influence the narrative and relationships with the characters.
• Learn Japanese: Improve language skills with options for kana, romaji, and kanji text displays.
• Cultural Immersion: Gain insights into Japanese culture through character interactions and storylines.


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Experience Tokyo School Life

Only 5,000 physical editions available worldwide! Dive into a captivating narrative, Tokyo School Life, that takes you through a summer of love, culture, and friendship. As an exchange student in the vibrant city of Tokyo, the story unfolds with your interactions with Karin, Aoi, and Sakura—three delightful girls who will share this special season with you.

Meet Your High School Sweethearts

  • Karin (Yayoi Karin): Striving to become an idol, Karin initially might seem aloof but reveals a caring and generous spirit to those she considers friends.
  • Aoi (Hazuki Aoi): The epitome of cheerfulness and brightness, Aoi’s petite frame and cute appearance conceal her true karate prowess.
  • Sakura (Minatsugi Sakura): Gentle and amiable, Sakura’s preference for the school library as an escape from her health challenges shows her love for the literary world.

Immersive Animated World

Prepare to be drawn into a visual odyssey where the characters are not only fully animated but also voiced by a remarkable Japanese voice cast. Watch as their expressions shift dynamically in reaction to your presence, setting a new standard in visual novel immersion.

Shape Your Story

Throughout the narrative, you’ll forge deeper connections with Karin, Aoi, and Sakura. The choices you make will influence your relationship, steering the story toward various outcomes. Choose wisely and you may find mutual affections with the girl of your dreams.

Enhance Your Japanese

Whether you’re at the foundational level or more advanced, Tokyo School Life offers a unique opportunity to improve your Japanese. The game allows you to switch between English text and Japanese written in kana, romaji, or kanji. It’s the ideal mix of leisure and learning, enabling you to absorb vocabulary and grasp sentence structure in an engaging context.

Don’t miss out on this charming visual novel experience. With only 5,000 physical copies, make sure you secure your adventure into love and language in Tokyo.

Specification: Tokyo School Life – Nintendo Switch

Package Dimensions

6.7 x 4.1 x 0.4 inches; 2.4 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



Item Weight

2.39 ounces



Date First Available

July 5, 2019


Brand: PQube

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Tokyo School Life – Nintendo Switch
Tokyo School Life – Nintendo Switch

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