6 In 1 Time Management Game Collection – Nintendo Switch

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• Time Management Game Collection for Nintendo Switch
• Combines six different time management games into one
• Immersive stories with thrilling narratives
• Play the games in any order
• Features Julie’s Sweets, Country Tales, Cavemen Tales, Kingdom Tales 1 & 2, and Fate of the Pharaoh
• Each game offers unique challenges and experiences
• Engaging gameplay and fun-filled entertainment
• Suitable for Nintendo Switch platform
• Perfect for fans of time management and puzzle games
• Provides hours of enjoyable gameplay


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Immerse yourself in a world of strategy and decision-making with the Time Management Game Collection, an exceptional compilation of six diverse and engaging time management games for the Nintendo Switch. This compilation, which serves as the second installment in a well-acclaimed series, offers an array of full-length games, each with unique storylines and the addictive gameplay that is characteristic of the time management genre.

Featured Games in the Collection

  • Julie’s Sweets: Follow the heartfelt journey of Julie, a young woman standing at a crucial juncture in life, as she ponders whether her self-confidence and personal values are enough to guide her through the challenges she faces.
  • Country Tales: Join Ted, a simple farmer who dreams of a life beyond the fields, on his quest for education and adventure in the bustling big city.
  • Cavemen Tales: Step back in time to a primeval forest, home to a tribe of humans who have lived in peace and safety, until now.
  • Kingdom Tales 1 & 2: Dive into a tale driven by an ancient prophecy that hints at the arrival of mighty dragons seeking new territories to conquer, signaling a time for heroes to rise.
  • Fate of the Pharaoh: Protect the fading splendor of Egypt from greedy enemies, and restore the empire to its former glory, amidst the unforgiving sands of endless deserts.

Each game in this collection can be enjoyed independently, allowing players the flexibility to dive into whichever world ignites their passion for time management and strategy. With a single purchase, you unlock endless hours of entertainment and the chance to challenge your resource management and multitasking skills.

Whether you are craving an adventure through time, an escape into mystical kingdoms, or a spellbinding tale set in the ancient world, the Time Management Game Collection for Nintendo Switch is ready to deliver these experiences right to your fingertips.

Specification: 6 In 1 Time Management Game Collection – Nintendo Switch


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6 In 1 Time Management Game Collection – Nintendo Switch
6 In 1 Time Management Game Collection – Nintendo Switch


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