The Surge 2 – PlayStation 4

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• Intense, hardcore melee combat system
• Engage with formidable enemies and gigantic bosses
• Unique looting system: sever enemy limbs to acquire gear
• Vast, devastated Jericho City setting with a looming nanostorm
• Deep character customization with weapons, armor, abilities, implants, and drones
• Pre-Order DLC: iconic weapons, armor set, drone, radar module, and more
• Uncover the city’s secrets and survive the escalating threat levels


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Embark on a Perilous Journey

Find yourself engulfed in the chaos of a catastrophic event as you land in the treacherous landscapes of Jericho City. Your fight for survival begins from the moment your plane falls victim to a mysterious storm, leading to an unexpected crash on the city’s outskirts. After regaining consciousness in a forsaken detention facility, it becomes clear that the once buzzing metropolis is now overshadowed by tyranny and disarray.

The World of The Surge 2

Jericho City awaits with its open arms, but it is not for the faint-hearted. Here’s what this heart-pounding adventure has in store for you:

  • Unforgiving Combat: Prepare to engage in brutal and relentless skirmishes. Your survival depends on your ability to master the art of fighting, slashing, and tearing off limbs to fortify yourself with the equipment of fallen adversaries.
  • Gargantuan Adversaries: It is not just the soldiers and robots that pose a risk; colossal bosses lurk around every corner, posing a massive threat to your existence in Jericho City.
  • Deep Customization: With an extensive array of weapons, armor, abilities, implants, and drones, the game offers rich character progression. Build a hero strong enough to stand against the most daunting enemies and the ominous nanostorm.

Exclusive Pre-Order DLC Pack

Enhance your gaming experience with The Surge 2 Pre-Order DLC pack, which includes:

  • Warren’s famed weapon from The Surge: the Cutter
  • The complete URBN armor set for full-body protection
  • The imposing URBN Judgement Axe
  • The URBN Skimmer Drone for tactical support
  • The Lootscan.exe Radar Module to locate valuable items
  • A unique icon for online messages

Step into the desolate yet technologically advanced world of The Surge 2 on PlayStation 4 and steel yourself for a journey that will demand every ounce of your skill and determination.

Key Game Features:

  • Hardcore, brutal melee combat
  • Encounter deadly foes and colossal bosses
  • Strategically dismember enemies to loot the parts you want
  • Robust character progression for a tailor-made playstyle

Specification: The Surge 2 – PlayStation 4


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The Surge 2 – PlayStation 4
The Surge 2 – PlayStation 4

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