The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf (PS5)

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• Embody 4 iconic Smurfs: the Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and Chef Smurf in 5 different worlds
• Use the Smurfizer to heal the Vileaf contaminated plants on your way to Gargamel’s hovel
• Jump, glide, dive, and vacuum with the Smurfizer to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies
• Enjoy a mix of platforming and exploration gameplay, uncovering secrets in vertical levels
• Progress and improve the Smurfizer by finding items to bring life back to the Smurfs village
• Suitable for Smurfs fans and 3D platforming game enthusiasts.


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In the realm of enchanted forests and magical spells, the nefarious wizard Gargamel has uncovered the formula for a malevolent plant known as the VILEAF. The seeds of this plant, known as “VILETRAP,” possess the dark power to ensnare unsuspecting Smurfs. Yet, the threat extends beyond the blue-skinned Smurfs; its toxicity endangers the entire forest and the precious sarsaparilla fields within.

PAPA SMURF, the esteemed leader of the Smurfs, calls upon his kin in a heroic quest to concoct a potent antidote to counteract the vile VILEAF’s blight.

Armed with the ingenious SMURFIZER, a brainchild of HANDY SMURF, venture forth on a grand adventure to secure the crucial ingredients, liberate your Smurf comrades, and deliver salvation to your dwelling!

Key Features:

  • Iconic Characters: Step into the shoes of beloved Smurfs – Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and Chef Smurf.
  • Exciting Worlds: Traverse across five unique and vibrant worlds on your valiant mission.
  • The Smurfizer: Wield this versatile tool to cleanse the plants tainted by Vileaf and navigate through perilous terrain to reach Gargamel’s lair.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Master the formidable power of the Smurfizer to jump, glide, dive, and vacuum, as you tactically time your moves to overcome all obstacles.
  • Exploration and Platforming: Challenge yourself in this adventure that skillfully blends platforming with explorative elements. Ascend through vertical levels and explore them thoroughly to reveal hidden secrets.
  • Village Restoration: Bolster the energy of your Smurfs village by advancing in your journey. Augment the capacity of the Smurfizer by collecting widely scattered items.
  • A Game for All: Crafted meticulously for both ardent enthusiasts of the Smurfs, regardless of age, and aficionados of 3D platforming games.

This enchanting odyssey calls for heroes of all ages. Will you heed the call and aid the Smurfs in thwarting Gargamel’s malevolent scheme?

Specification: The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf (PS5)


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The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf (PS5)
The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf (PS5)

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