The Smurfs 2: Prisoner of the Green Stone (PS5)

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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.99.

• Join forces with iconic Smurfs: Handy, Brainy, Clumsy, and Smurfstorm.
• Team up with Gargamel to thwart the Green Stone’s threat.
• Utilize teleporters to explore new regions in the Cursed Land.
• Engage in varied gameplay featuring exploration, platforming, and enhanced combat with SmurfoMix.
• Collect resources to power up the BoostiBoom and upgrade the SmurfoMix.
• Experience the adventure in co-op mode with friends or family.

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.99.

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Join the Smurfs on a Daring Rescue Quest

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Smurfs as they embark on a perilous mission to free their village from the clutches of the notorious Green Stone. Handy Smurf, the ingenious inventor, has crafted a revolutionary machine called the SmurfoMix, designed to bring peace and harmony back to Smurf Village. However, one vital piece is missing: the magical Green Stone, now in the possession of the wicked Gargamel.

Set out on this daring quest alongside Handy Smurf and his team, including Brainy, Clumsy, and the brave Smurfstorm, as they traverse Gargamel’s lair in search of the precious stone. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when an accident leads to the stone’s explosion, causing its fragments to spread across the Cursed Land, unleashing chaos and the evil Stolas into the world.

Exciting Team Dynamics and Unlikely Alliances

  • Play as iconic Smurfs characters: Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, and Smurfstorm.
  • Unexpected cooperation: Team up with arch-nemesis Gargamel to save the day.
  • Teleportation travel: Use magic portals to explore three new and mysterious regions within the Cursed Land.

Thrilling Gameplay and Co-op Features

Prepare for a dynamic gaming experience with a blend of exploration, platforming challenges, and enhanced combat, all thanks to the innovative SmurfoMix. Gather various resources to obtain BoostiBoom, enabling you to upgrade SmurfoMix and strengthen your abilities throughout the adventure. And the best part? You don’t have to do it alone! Join forces with a friend or family member in co-op mode for double the fun and teamwork.

Specification: The Smurfs 2: Prisoner of the Green Stone (PS5)

Release date

December 1, 2023

Product Dimensions

6.8 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches; 2.75 ounces

Type of item

Video Game




Everyone 10plus

Item model number


Item Weight

2.75 ounces


THQ Nordic

Country of Origin


Date First Available

May 19, 2023


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The Smurfs 2: Prisoner of the Green Stone (PS5)
The Smurfs 2: Prisoner of the Green Stone (PS5)

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.99.
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