The Riftbreaker (Xbox Series X/Xbox One)

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• Build a two-way rift for Earth colonization on Galatea 37
• Construct and manage mines, refineries, and power plants
• Develop outposts using rift technology in resource-rich areas
• Strengthen defenses with walls, barriers, and towers against alien attacks
• Equip Mr. Riggs Mecha-Suit for combat and resource gathering
• Research and craft new technologies and upgrades for your base and suit
• Customize and enhance Mr. Riggs with researched blueprints

Original price was: $17.50.Current price is: $16.04.

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Immerse Yourself in the Role of Captain Ashley S. Nowak

Step into the rugged Mecha-Suit of “Mr. Riggs” and become “the Riftbreaker,” Captain Ashley S. Nowak, on a strategic mission on the distant planet Galatea 37, situated in the Milky Way’s Sycorax belt. Your ultimate goal is to orchestrate the construction and expansion of a base that enables travel between Earth and this new world for human colonization.

Your Mission: Create a Two-Way Rift to Earth

To achieve this monumental task:

  • Construct an energy-intensive two-way rift that connects back to our home planet.
  • Develop a complex infrastructure comprising mines, refineries, power plants, and research facilities to harness the resources needed to establish this gateway.

Settlement and Defense on Galatea 37

The inhospitable conditions of Galatea 37 demand rigorous measures:

  • Install outposts in locations replete with resources, making use of rift technology to transport necessities.
  • Amp up your base’s security with walls, barriers, and defense towers to repel increasing alien aggressions.
  • Prepare for the onslaught of hostile creatures bent on thwarting your colonization efforts.

Combat and Resource Acquisition

Mr. Riggs is your key to survival on this alien terrain:

  • Equip your Mecha-Suit with a diverse range of potent weaponry and abilities to confront formidable alien wildlife.
  • Gather rare resources and specimens from defeated beasties to fuel your research and advancement.
  • Utilize collected samples to uncover new technologies that bolster your base, improve defenses, and enhance your Mecha-Suit’s capabilities.

Customize and Upgrade Your Gear

Take advantage of Mr. Riggs’s flexibility:

  • Leverage researched blueprints to craft innovative parts and weaponry for your Mecha-Suit, tailoring it to your strategic needs.

Specification: The Riftbreaker (Xbox Series X/Xbox One)


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The Riftbreaker (Xbox Series X/Xbox One)
The Riftbreaker (Xbox Series X/Xbox One)

Original price was: $17.50.Current price is: $16.04.
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