The Riftbreaker (PS5)

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• Explore and colonize Galatea 37, an inhabitable planet in the Sycorax belt
• Construct a two-way rift for Earth connection, requiring complex energy systems
• Build mines, refineries, power plants, and research facilities for resource processing
• Defend your base with walls, barriers, and towers against alien creatures
• Utilize Mecha-Suit “Mr. Riggs” for construction, combat, and resource extraction
• Research and craft new technologies, weapons, and equipment upgrades
• Customize and upgrade Mr. Riggs with blueprints and gathered resources


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Welcome to the world of The Riftbreaker, where you play as Captain Ashley S. Nowak, also known as “the Riftbreaker.” You’re about to embark on an epic journey to Galatea 37, a planet on the fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy with the mission to establish a foothold for humanity.

Your Mission Objectives

  • **Build a Base:** Set up and expand a base for colonisation efforts.
  • **Construct a Rift:** Develop a two-way rift for travel back to Earth.
  • **Gather Resources:** Extract and process materials from the planet.
  • **Research and Development:** Utilize resources to research and craft new technologies and upgrades.
  • **Defend Your Base:** Erect defensive structures to fend off alien creatures.

Planetary Exploration and Base Construction

On the remote planet of Galatea 37, your base will serve as the cornerstone for Earth’s colonisation. You’ll deploy resource-rich outposts throughout the planet, using advanced rift technology to transport materials.

Strong defences are crucial for survival, as the local wildlife is relentlessly aggressive. It’s imperative to build walls, barriers, and defence towers to protect your base from the escalating threats.

Combat and Survival

Mr. Riggs, your faithful Mecha-Suit, is your primary tool for survival. Equipped with robust features for combat, resource extraction, and traversal, Mr. Riggs is your lifeline on this alien world.

  • **Adapt to Combat:** Equip Mr. Riggs with potent weapons to face the alien threats.
  • **Gather Specimens:** Acquire research specimens from fallen beasts to unlock new technologies.
  • **Customization:** Upgrade and customize Mr. Riggs with researched blueprints and enhancements.

Research and Crafting

Every specimen you gather and resource you procure fuels your research. Engage in crafting to develop new buildings, weapons, equipment, and to enhance your Mecha-Suit’s capabilities.

Strategic planning and resource management are key to your success on Galatea 37. Utilize all of your abilities and knowledge to withstand the challenges that lie ahead,

Ready for the journey of a lifetime? Embrace your role as The Riftbreaker and forge humanity’s future among the stars.

Specification: The Riftbreaker (PS5)


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