The Last Stand: Aftermath (PS4)

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• Rogue-lite action-adventure in a post-apocalyptic setting
• Permadeath with new survivors and progress-based unlocks
• Stealth and combat gameplay against varied zombie hordes
• Crafting system for weapons and supplies
• Strategic use of mutations to enhance abilities
• Atmospheric, tense zombie survival experience


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An Unforgiving Post-Apocalyptic World

The Last Stand: Aftermath is a premium single-player, stand-alone action adventure rogue-lite game. As a player, you are thrust into a desolate world where you will need to navigate the ruins of civilization. Your main goals are to:

  • Gather Supplies: Find necessary resources to craft weapons and other items of survival.
  • Find Fuel: Keep yourself moving by finding fuel to travel to new and unexplored locations.

The Danger Within

In this relentless environment, staying alert is key:

  • You face not just the zombie hordes roaming the streets, but you’re also fighting the infection within yourself.
  • Your character is equally vulnerable, as you are part of the infected population.
  • Ultimately, death is inevitable, either at the hands of the undead or due to the relentless virus.

Rise from the Ashes

But all is not lost with the demise of your character:

  • After death, you’ll take the reins as a new survivor.
  • You’re not starting from scratch; rather, you receive perks and upgrades based on your previous character’s accomplishments.
  • This cycle of rebirth allows you to return stronger, wiser, and ready to face the challenges anew.

Survival Tactics

Your strategy for survival includes:

  • Stealth: Sneaking past the dangerous undead can sometimes be the best approach.
  • Combat: When confrontation is inevitable, fight valiantly to defend yourself.
  • Scavenging: Keep an eye out for materials you can use to your advantage.
  • Mutations: Embrace the virus by using mutations to empower yourself.
  • The game promises a tense and moody atmosphere amidst the zombie apocalypse.

A Glimpse of the Infected Wasteland

Ready to take on the post-apocalyptic challenge in The Last Stand: Aftermath? Equip yourself with the knowledge of what lies ahead and prepare to fight for another day in this immersive and atmospheric zombie experience.

Specification: The Last Stand: Aftermath (PS4)


Brand: Merge Games

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The Last Stand: Aftermath (PS4)
The Last Stand: Aftermath (PS4)

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