The Evil Within 2 Game (Xbox One)

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• STORY OF REDEMPTION: Sebastian must descend into the nightmare to win back his life and family.
• DISCOVER HORRIFYING DOMAINS: Explore a world where nothing is quite what it seems, but be prepared.
• CHOOSE HOW TO SURVIVE: Attack from the shadows, run, or go in guns blazing with limited ammo.
• FACE DISTURBING ENEMIES: Encounter sadistic enemies and meet characters who may lead or mislead you.
• VISCERAL HORROR AND SUSPENSE: Enter a twisted world filled with anxiety-inducing thrills and disturbing horrors.


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Product Description

Explore the Depths of Terror: Dive into the mind of mastermind Shinji Mikami with The Evil Within 2, developed by the seasoned team at Tango Gameworks. This game elevates the horror genre by blending psychological scares with genuine survival fears.

You Are Detective Sebastian Castellanos: When all seems lost and your life hits rock bottom, a sliver of hope appears. You have a chance to save your daughter, and you must seize it. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of nightmares, unraveling the sinister history of a once beautiful town to retrieve your child.

Survival at Every Turn: Monstrosities and dangers loom around every corner, challenging your resolve. The twisted reality bends and contorts as you fight to stay alive. Whether you choose to confront your enemies with cunning traps and weaponry, or stealthily shadow through the dangers, survival is your ultimate goal.


A Father’s Desperate Quest: Detective Sebastian Castellanos has hit rock bottom with the tragic loss of his daughter, Lily. To rescue her, he’s compelled to strike a deal with Mobius, the nebulous group responsible for ruining Sebastian’s life. Now, Sebastian must plunge into Union’s frightful world, one of Mobius’s horrific realities. Threats spring from every shadow, and only his intellect can keep him alive. In the face of despair, the only way out for Sebastian is deeper in.

Set Contains

This package includes 1 Game Disc of The Evil Within 2, primed to deliver hours of spine-chilling entertainment.

Game Highlights

  • Story of Redemption: Sebastian’s journey into the nightmare is a test of wills, seeking to reclaim his life and family.
  • Discover Horrifying Domains: Dare to tread through a world of illusion, ensuring you are well-equipped for the unpredictable.
  • Choose How to Survive: Employ stealth with a crossbow, sprint for your life, or engage in firefights with the precious little ammo you have.
  • Face Disturbing Enemies: Brace yourself against sadistic adversaries and encounter individuals who may aid or derail your quest for redemption.
  • Visceral Horror and Suspense: Step into a world brimming with nerve-wracking thrillers and horrors that lurk within every shadow.

Specification: The Evil Within 2 Game (Xbox One)

Release date

October 13, 2017

Package Dimensions

6.54 x 5.28 x 0.47 inches; 2.82 ounces

Type of item

Unknown Binding



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Item Weight

2.82 ounces



Date First Available

October 12, 2017


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The Evil Within 2 Game (Xbox One)
The Evil Within 2 Game (Xbox One)

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