Tetris 99 + NSO (Nintendo Switch)

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• Tetris 99 NSO is the iconic puzzle game with a twist – compete against 98 other players online simultaneously.
• Pick the right strategy to outsmart your opponents and be the last one standing.
• Includes all content from the big block DLC, offering additional modes like CPU battle and Marathon.
• Battle against 98 Bots and defeat the machines.
• Enjoy offline local multiplayer modes with friends.
• Share Joy-Con controllers for a two-player game.
• Comes with a 12-month individual membership for Nintendo Switch online.


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Tetris 99 takes the iconic puzzle game to a new level with a competitive online mode that pits you against 98 other players in a battle of strategy, speed, and skill.

Game Features

  • 99 Players Online: Outlast 98 other competitors in a dynamic online showdown.
  • Big Block DLC: The physical version comes packed with additional modes for even more fun.
  • CPU Battle: Face off against 98 bots and prove your supremacy over the machines.
  • Marathon Mode: Aim for the highest score and the most lines in this classic Tetris challenge.

Upcoming Local Multiplayer Modes

  • Local Arena: Gather up to eight friends for an epic local battle.
  • 2P Share Battle: Play a two-player game with shared Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership

This edition includes a 12-month individual membership for Nintendo Switch Online, enhancing your gaming experience with added features and connectivity.


Specification: Tetris 99 + NSO (Nintendo Switch)


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Tetris 99 + NSO (Nintendo Switch)
Tetris 99 + NSO (Nintendo Switch)


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