Tanuki Justice (PS4)

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• Ultra-nervous run’n’gun action
• Play as a tanuki brother or sister
• Hundreds of enemies and varied environments
• Retro, dynamic music enhances the experience
• Simple yet rich gameplay mechanics
• Single or two-player co-op modes
• Classic and giant shurikens for combat
• Fast-paced challenges with time as an enemy
• Reminiscent of classic arcade games


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Game Overview

Tanuki Justice is an exhilarating run’n’gun game set in a faithfully depicted feudal Japan. Whether you choose to play solo or with a partner, you become a part of the tanuki warriors on an intense journey through diverse environments. It brings to life the classic feel of arcade games from the past, with easy-to-understand yet rich gameplay mechanics. Be prepared for a relentless challenge that will test your skills to the limit.

Dynamic Gameplay and Music

  • Exhilarating run’n’gun gameplay style for continuous action
  • Diverse and vast environments to explore
  • Retro-inspired dynamic music enhancing the gaming experience

Challenging Enemies and Situations

  • Massive Enemy Hordes: Battle against hundreds of enemies simultaneously
  • Time Trials: Not only do you battle enemies, but also the clock, racing against time in every level
  • Sharp Reflexes Required: Designed to challenge the precision and speed of all players

Weapons and Co-op Mode

  • Classic shurikens to defeat enemies from a distance
  • Powerful giant shuriken for those particularly challenging moments
  • Option to play in single or co-op two-player mode for double the fun

Why Tanuki Justice Stands Out:

Tanuki Justice offers a pure nostalgic arcade experience, updated with crisp gameplay and cooperative action for modern gamers. It maintains simplicity yet depth in mechanics, providing countless hours of entertainment. Whether you want to embark on this adventure alone or join forces with a friend, Tanuki Justice is a game that brings back the golden age of arcades into the comfort of your home.

Specification: Tanuki Justice (PS4)


Brand: Merge Games

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