Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition (PS5)

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• Dive into Benoît Sokal’s enchanting world in “Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition” for PS5.
• Experience the intertwined destinies of protagonists Kate Walker and Dana Roze.
• Traverse stunning landscapes and meet memorable characters.
• Engage with complex puzzles and riddles true to the Syberia series.
• Uncover a deep narrative with high stakes and compelling dialogue.
• Enjoy an immersive symphonic soundtrack by renowned composer Inon Zur.


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Embark on a captivating journey that traverses continents and eras. In Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition, players are invited to step into the shoes of both Kate Walker and Dana Roze. This multi-layered adventure game weaves a tale of mysteries longing to be unveiled, set against the backdrop of historical turmoil and personal discovery.

Unravel a Tale of Two Heroines

  • Dana Roze – 1937: At the cusp of World War II in Vaghen, 17-year-old Dana Roze is a gifted pianist whose bright future is at risk due to the looming fascist threat of the Brown Shadow.
  • Kate Walker – 2004: Struggling to survive in a salt mine where she’s been imprisoned, Kate Walker’s life takes a sudden turn, catapulting her on a quest to piece together her identity.

A World Filled with Wonder and Danger

Immerse yourself in the enchanting universe created by Benoît Sokal, replete with spectacular landscapes and enduring characters. Experience the beautifully constructed worlds and the complex interplay between the lead characters, Kate Walker and Dana Roze, whose destinies are entwined in the fabric of the narrative.

Puzzles That Challenge and Delight

Continuing the tradition of the Syberia series, this edition offers a range of intriguing puzzles and riddles to challenge the mind. Players will need to apply their wits to progress through the story and uncover secrets that have been kept hidden for ages.

A Story of Epic Proportions

Delve into a deeply engaging storyline brimming with twists and dramatic turns. Engage in meaningful dialogue that elevates the narrative, ensuring that the journey is as emotionally resonant as it is intellectually stimulating.

An Audiovisual Symphony

Lose yourself in the elegant symphonic soundtrack composed by the renowned Inon Zur, known for his work on Syberia 3, Fallout, Dragon Age, and Prince of Persia. The score serves to enhance the cinematic feel of the game and complements the visual splendor of the world within.

Take part in an unforgettable venture with the Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition, a game that promises to enchant, challenge, and leave a lasting impression on all who journey through its storied landscapes.

Specification: Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition (PS5)

Release date

November 15, 2022

Product Dimensions

6.8 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches; 7.76 ounces

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Video Game





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Item Weight

7.8 ounces


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Date First Available

July 6, 2022


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Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition (PS5)
Syberia: The World Before – 20 Years Edition (PS5)

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