Surviving the Aftermath – PlayStation 4

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• Build a resilient colony in a post-apocalyptic world
• Explore wastelands for resources and encounter rival colonies
• Over 80 unique Specialists to manage colony resources
• Make moral choices that shape your civilization’s character
• Defend against natural disasters, wildlife, and bandits
• Fortify your colony and repel invaders to ensure survival


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Embark on a Journey of Rebuilding: Step into a world where civilization has crumbled, and be the leader that guides survivors through the challenges of post-apocalyptic life. Establish a flourishing colony amidst chaos and breathe life back into a shattered world. Here’s what you can expect from Surviving the Aftermath:

No Place Like Home

  • Create a resilient colony capable of withstanding disasters.
  • Manage the construction of over 61 buildings, tailoring each to suit survival and developmental needs.
  • Balance tasks spanning resource gathering, farming, exploration, and security.

Surviving Earth

  • Discover a procedurally generated world with six unique biomes.
  • Seek out vital resources, encounter wildlife, and engage with rival societies.
  • Adapt to varying environmental conditions that impact your settlement.

Stay Vigilant

  • Face threats from natural disasters, dangerous wildlife, and aggressive bandits.
  • Strive to protect your inhabitants against external dangers.

Survival is my Specialty

  • Recruit and deploy over 80 Specialists with distinct skills.
  • Direct your team towards efficient resource management and specialized missions.

Expect the Unexpected

  • Lead with morality as your decision-making will define the ethos of your new civilization.
  • Interactive emergent events require strategic choices and define your colony’s narrative.

Reputation Management

  • Understand that every decision could spell success or doom for survival.
  • Cultivate or sever trade relationships based on reputation with other societies and leaders.
  • Colony inhabitants react dynamically to your leadership style.

Defend the Gate

  • Strengthen your defenses against external threats.
  • When danger breaches your defenses, rally your Specialists to protect your people and infrastructure.

Mods and Customization

  • Get creative with your survival strategies using the Steam Workshop for mods.
  • Personalize and expand upon the game to fulfill your vision of post-apocalyptic survival.

Surviving the Aftermath offers a blend of construction, resource management, and ethical decision-making. It’s more than just a battle for survival; it’s a chance to forge a new future and redefine humanity’s destiny. Are you ready to lead your colony to prosperity, or will the aftermath consume you?

Specification: Surviving the Aftermath – PlayStation 4

Release date

August 1, 2022

Product Dimensions

6.69 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches; 2.12 ounces

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Video Game



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Item Weight

2.11 ounces


Deep Silver

Date First Available

November 2, 2021


Brand: Deep Silver

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Surviving the Aftermath – PlayStation 4
Surviving the Aftermath – PlayStation 4

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