Super Neptunia RPG – Nintendo Switch

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Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $44.99.

• Dive into classic-inspired dungeons with interactive, beautifully painted environments.
• Experience strategic turn-based combat with a dynamic leader-based attack system.
• Transform and switch leaders during battles to utilize elemental advantages.
• Embark on a meta journey through a world torn between retro and modern gaming.
• Enjoy a rich narrative where a hero with lost memories fights to uncover the truth.
• Witness the Neptunia series’ hand-drawn art in a fresh 2D presentation.
• Dual audio options: Japanese and English voiceovers.
• Text available in English and French for a broad audience appeal.

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $44.99.

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Embark on a Nostalgic Quest:
“In a world where 2D games reign supreme, an organization called Bombyx Mori forces its citizens to churn out 2D games as offerings to their leader. Those who dare to use new technologies or whose games don’t meet their standards risk banishment to the soul-crushing Trial Grounds.

A girl awakens in this world with no recollection of anything beyond her name, Neptune, and soon realizes she possesses great strength. With her newfound sense of heroism and a strange book known as Histoire in hand, she sets off on a journey to see if there might be more than this two-dimensional life!”

Game Features:

  • Old School Dungeons: Explore gorgeously painted, interactive dungeons inspired by classic gaming titles.
  • Follow the Leader: Experience turn-based battles where the party’s attack style changes with the battle leader. Switch leaders dynamically, transform mid-battle, and harness elemental attacks to optimize your team’s strategy.
  • Save Gamindustri: Engage with a story that enters the fray of the debate between retro gaming and modern 3D graphics, offering a humorous take on gaming culture.
  • 2D Comes to Life: Witness the hand-drawn art of Neptunia series artist Tsunako come to life thanks to Artisan Studio, showcasing the characters in an entirely new way.
  • Enjoy a dual audio experience with Japanese and English voices, as well as English and French text options.

Specification: Super Neptunia RPG – Nintendo Switch

Release date

June 25, 2019

Product Dimensions

0.5 x 4.1 x 6.7 inches; 0.81 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



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Item Weight

‎0.81 ounces


Idea Factory

Date First Available

May 16, 2018


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Super Neptunia RPG – Nintendo Switch
Super Neptunia RPG – Nintendo Switch

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $44.99.
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