Streets Of Rage 4 – Anniversary Edition (PS4)

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• Three new playable characters expand the roster
• A fresh survival mode introduces weekly challenges
• Character customization allows for unique fighting styles
• New weapons and enemies add variety to combat
• The DLC continues the Streets of Rage 4 saga in Wood Oak City
• Train with Dr. Zan’s AI program to simulate and prepare for threats


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Welcome back to Wood Oak City, where the brawling legacy continues with Streets of Rage 4 – Anniversary Edition for the PS4. In the aftermath of the most recent upheaval, your favorite heroes gear up for more intense action.

Training for the Unpredictable
Post the events of Streets of Rage 4, Axel, Blaze, and their companions have decided to undertake a unique form of extreme preparation. Under the guidance of Dr. Zan, they’re about to use an advanced AI program, crafted from the brain remnants of Mister X. This program is designed to recreate an array of threats and challenges, simulating multiple scenarios to hone the team’s combat readiness.

What’s New in the Anniversary Edition?

As you grip your controller with anticipation, know that the Anniversary Edition comes packed with enhancements and content designed to keep your adrenaline pumping:

  • Expand Your Roster: Take control of 3 brand new playable characters.
  • Survival Mode: Dive into the new survival mode, complete with weekly challenges to test your fighting prowess.
  • Customize Your Fighter: With character customization features, craft a fighting style uniquely yours with fresh moves to master.
  • New Threats: Engage with new weapons and face off against new enemies that are ready to bring the fight.

This Anniversary Edition offers both die-hard fans and newcomers alike a comprehensive package that celebrates the series’ legacy and ensures the fight against evil never gets old.

Specification: Streets Of Rage 4 – Anniversary Edition (PS4)


Brand: Merge Games

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Streets Of Rage 4 – Anniversary Edition (PS4)
Streets Of Rage 4 – Anniversary Edition (PS4)

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