Street Fighter 6 – XBX

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• Classic Experience Built for a Modern Era: Street Fighter 6 redefines the classic fighting game genre with all core gameplay modes and enhanced visuals.
• Distinct Fighting Styles to Master: 18 diverse characters, including legendary World Warriors and exciting new characters, add their own flair to the game.
• Brand New Game Modes: Introducing three new foundational modes – Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.
• In-Game Commentating: Real-time commentary feature with subtitles in 13 languages, incorporating the voices of popular FGC commentators.
• Two New Control Schemes: Classic Controls, Modern Controls, and Dynamic Controls for different play styles.
• ESRB Rating: TEEN with descriptors including Delicate Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, and Violence.


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ESRB Rating Information

Game Rating: TEEN

ESRB Descriptors:

  • Mild Blood
  • Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Violence

Game Overview

Street Fighter 6 stands as a testament to the evolution of classic fighting games, boasting an array of core gameplay modes alongside innovative new additions and stunning visual enhancements.

Character Roster

At launch, players can choose from 18 diverse characters, including iconic World Warriors and brand-new fighters. The roster promise to continuously expand with additional characters post-launch, ensuring that the battle never gets old.

Introducing New Game Modes

  • Fighting Ground – A mode where tradition and innovation meet, providing a quintessential Street Fighter experience.
  • World Tour – An immersive, single-player story mode that takes your customized fighter on an epic journey.
  • Battle Hub – A central area for players to engage, interact, and compete against one another.

Revolutionary Commentary System

The game features the inaugural Real-Time Commentary Characteristic—a ground-breaking addition bolstered by subtitles in 13 languages, which holds the enthusiastic voices of distinguished Fighting Game Community commentators such as Vicious and Aru, bringing a dynamic spectator experience directly into your gameplay.

Accessible Control Choices

Whether you’re a series veteran or a newcomer, Street Fighter 6 offers control schemes to cater to all preferences:

  • Classic Controls – The traditional control scheme for experienced fighters.
  • Modern Controls – Ideal for new players, allowing the execution of special moves with straightforward button combinations.
  • Dynamic Controls – Perfect for casual play sessions with friends and family, this mode enables attacks with a simple Auto-Attack button.

Specification: Street Fighter 6 – XBX


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Street Fighter 6 – XBX

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