Starsand (Nintendo Switch) Game

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• Starsand is a mystic survival game set in an arcane desert.
• Explore a vast open world full of danger and mysterious happenings.
• Hunt, craft, and build to survive in the harsh desert environment.
• Solve puzzles and uncover a thrilling story as you journey into the unknown.
• Available for Nintendo Switch.


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Overview of Starsand for Nintendo Switch

Starsand is a mystic survival game that transports players to the treacherous dunes of an enigmatic desert. An open world teeming with dangers awaits your exploration and mastery. Get ready to explore, hunt, craft, build, and—most importantly—survive.

Sudden Onset of Adversity

Your adventure began as any other day, filled with motivation and ambition. Engaged in what should have been the run of your life amidst the vastness of the desert, your expectations for success were high due to months of rigorous training. However, your normalcy was shattered by a monstrous sandstorm, leaving you isolated in a hostile and sweltering wasteland. As you stand in this ocean of sand that stretches to the horizon, you notice something peculiar in the distance, raising questions about what truly happened.

Realizations and Mysteries

Your initial thought is simple: Survival. Quickly followed by a glimmer of hope: Rescue will surely come. You soon come to a harsh understanding: No one will come; you are on your own. Amidst the struggle and confusion, a profound question arises: Where are you, and why are there two moons in the night sky?

Game Key Features

  • Vast Open World: An expansive game world set in a mesmerizing desert environment, covering an area of over 64 km².
  • Rich Environments: Journey through a world thoughtfully crafted with impressive monuments, ancient artifacts, creatures from past to present, all nestled within civilization’s absence.
  • Survival at Its Finest: Engage with survival action that’s elevated by challenging weather, desert whims, and foes both of this earth and beyond, kindling your primal instincts.
  • Build and Secure: Collect resources and construct shelters for protection against the extreme desert climate and the enigmatic threats lurking.
  • Dynamic Challenges: With shifting weather conditions and a day-to-night cycle, be prepared to strategize, act prudently, and muster your courage—especially in the desolation of the desert.
  • Enthralling Plot: Unveil a mystical and captivating narrative with mind-bending puzzles that offer answers throughout your thrilling journey into the unknown.

Starsand invites you to experience this mystic survival game on the Nintendo Switch, where a story filled with thrills and complex puzzles provides answers to many questions that arise during your riveting quest into the unforeseen.

Specification: Starsand (Nintendo Switch) Game


Brand: Funbox Media

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Starsand (Nintendo Switch) Game
Starsand (Nintendo Switch) Game

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