Star Renegades – Nintendo Switch

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• Fast-paced reactive time battle system
• Hauntingly beautiful landscapes and ruins
• Procedurally generated dungeons
• Pretty Pixel art style with unique enemies and bosses
• Epic synth-wave composition and excellent sound design


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Embark on a Galactic Adventure: In Star Renegades, you’re thrust into an interplanetary rebellion against a domineering force known as the Imperium. Your mission is to lead a makeshift rebel squad to overthrow this menacing threat.

The Fate of the Galaxy in Your Hands: A pivotal ally, a service robot named J5T-IN, arrives with warnings of imminent extinction. This sets the stage for an epic fight for survival in a universe on the brink of being overwhelmed by the Imperium’s iron grip.

Strategic Combat Awaits: Engage in a deeply strategic Reactive Time Battle System. This emphasizes using smart tactics, such as interrupts and counters, to outsmart your powerful enemies. Strategy and forward-thinking are essential to success.

Endless Challenges: The game’s core is further enhanced by an Intelligent Adversary System where enemy officers grow in power, rank, and intelligence. Each defeat of your heroes only strengthens the resolve of the Imperium, and J5T-IN must escape to another dimension, to regroup and rebuild the rebellion with new recruits.

Unique Every Time: The game is highlighted by its dynamic procedurally generated worlds, ensuring that every playthrough offers new challenges and adventures. No two missions are ever the same, providing a fresh experience with each attempt to save the galaxy.

  • Fast-Paced Combat: Reactive Time Battle System keeps the action lively and engaging.
  • Haunting Beauty: Traverse through stunning landscapes and discover ancient ruins.
  • Ever-Changing Terrain: Explore procedurally generated dungeons that offer endless replayability.
  • Pixel Art Aesthetic: The game boasts a charming pixel art style graced with unique enemies and daunting bosses.
  • Immersive Soundtrack: An epic synth-wave soundtrack and remarkable sound design elevate the atmospheric tension of the game.

Specification: Star Renegades – Nintendo Switch


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Star Renegades – Nintendo Switch
Star Renegades – Nintendo Switch

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