Sniper Elite 4 – PlayStation 4

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• Third-person tactical shooter set in WWII Italy
• Expansive, diverse environments from coastal towns to mountain monasteries
• Advanced ballistics system for realistic sniping
• Stealth gameplay allowing emergent tactics
• Play as elite marksman Karl Fairburn
• Join forces with the Italian Resistance
• Single-player campaign with a gripping narrative
• Supports 1-2 players, co-op, and multiplayer modes


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Immerse Yourself in Stunning Italian Landscapes: Sniper Elite 4 elevates the series’ historical World War II backdrop with a journey across Italy’s picturesque setting. Players will traverse a myriad of environments, including:

  • Sun-kissed Mediterranean Coastal Towns: Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as the Mediterranean breeze guides your next shot.
  • Mammoth Nazi Architecture: Infiltrate imposing structures that cast daunting shadows across the Italian lands.
  • Mysterious Forests: Creep through dense vegetation as you silently take down targets one by one.
  • Breathtaking Mountain Monasteries: Experience the adrenaline rush of sniping from high vantage points, inspired by the iconic Monte Cassino.

Step into the Shoes of Karl Fairburne: As a covert operative and elite marksman, players will play as Karl Fairburne who partners with the courageous men and women of the Italian Resistance. Struggling to free their nation from the oppressive grip of Fascism, players will undertake a critical mission to thwart a dire new threat.

Fight to Stop a Terrifying New Threat: The stakes are high, as the very success of the Allied fightback in Europe hinges on your ability to disrupt the enemy’s plans.

Features and Modes:

  • Third-Person Tactical Shooter: Practice skillful marksmanship and blend it with stealthy tactics.
  • Expansive Environments: Explore the largest, most varied locations to ever feature in a Sniper Elite game.
  • Single-Player Experience: Dive into a gripping narrative set amidst a war-torn backdrop.
  • Cooperative Gameplay: Tackle missions with a friend in dedicated co-op modes.
  • Multiplayer Competition: Test your sniping skills against others in adversarial multiplayer modes.

Whether you choose to work alone, with a friend, or against other snipers, Sniper Elite 4 offers a deep, rewarding experience for all players. Embrace the challenge, utilize stealth and cunning, and become a true master of sniping.

Specification: Sniper Elite 4 – PlayStation 4

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February 14, 2017

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0.6 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches; 2.4 ounces

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Video Game



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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2.4 ounces


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July 19, 2016


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Sniper Elite 4 – PlayStation 4
Sniper Elite 4 – PlayStation 4

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