Sifu (PS5)

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• Sifu (PS5) is a video game by Maximum Games
• Release date: May 24, 2022
• Genre: Action/Adventure
• Language: English
• Rating: Mature (17+)
• Publisher: Maximum Games
• Short Description: On the path of vengeance, hunt enemies through hidden corners of the city. You have one day and countless enemies. Time is the price for every mistake.
• Adaptation is key: Use the environment and objects to survive
• Train and unlock unique skills in Pak-Mei Kung-Fu
• Choreographed fights by a real Kung Fu master
• Unique graphic style with epic levels and unforgettable backgrounds


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The Tale of Retribution

The game Sifu unfolds the epic saga of a young Kung Fu disciple consumed by the singular goal of avenging his family’s downfall. Bereft of friends and outnumbered by foes, the protagonist relies on exceptional martial arts skills and the mystical might of an ancestral pendant to emerge victorious and uphold his family’s legacy.

Relentless Pursuit Through the City’s Underbelly

Boldly navigate the treacherous terrain on your quest for justice. The game takes you on a thrilling chase through the city’s darkest corners, from crime-ridden alleys to the austere expanse of corporate skyscrapers. Faced with innumerable adversaries and racing against time, every defeat ages you, while each victory propels you forward on this day-long reckoning.

Mastering the Art of Survival

Your survival hangs in the balance as you make strategic choices and take full advantage of your environment:

  • Resourcefulness: Precisely plan your movements and exploit your surroundings—thrown objects, makeshift weapons, windows, and ledges—leaving no room for error.
  • Cunning: Overwhelming odds show no mercy; the only way to survive is to outsmart and overpower your enemies with tactical brilliance.

The Eternal Student of Kung Fu

Kung Fu is not merely a physical discipline but a lifelong pursuit that shapes both body and mind. Embrace the ethos of perpetual learning:

  • Resilience: Learn from each defeat, unlock unique abilities, and muster the mental fortitude to master the deadly arts of Pak-Mei Kung Fu.
  • Exquisite Choreography: Experience combat sequences that are vividly brought to life, each crafted by a seasoned Kung Fu expert.
  • Unique Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in the game’s distinct visual flair and engaging mechanics, set against sprawling levels and evocative backdrops.

Experience the intensity, drama, and grit of a Kung Fu odyssey like no other in Sifu for the PlayStation 5. As you delve into this riveting narrative, your skills, strategy, and perseverance will forge your path to honor or annihilation.

Specification: Sifu (PS5)

Release date

May 24, 2022

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 5.24 x 0.39 inches; 2.4 ounces

Type of item

Video Game





Item model number


Item Weight

2.4 ounces


Maximum Games

Date First Available

May 12, 2022


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