Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle – Nintendo Switch

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• One-on-one intense card battles with strategic gameplay
• Build and customize decks from 7 unique classes and over 600 cards
• Engage in various match types: ranked, free, and lobby matches online
• Local wireless play to battle friends directly
• Collect new cards and exchange deck codes in online play
• Features characters from the Shadowverse anime and original game
• Special deluxe battle animations exclusive to the Switch version


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Storyline and Characters
Dive into the captivating universe of Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle on the Nintendo Switch, an expansion of the beloved anime and mobile/PC card battle game. Engage with an endearing cast and immerse yourself in the throes of thrilling card battles. Novices and veterans alike will find comfort in the familiar game mechanics, while enjoying the new twists and turns that this version presents.

Game Mechanics
Seamless Transition for Existing Players: If you are already acquainted with the original Shadowverse game, you’ll find yourself right at home with the identical card battle rules.
Newcomer Friendly: For those new to the scene, picking up the game’s nuances is a breeze, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun.
Exciting Card Library: The game boasts an extensive library that includes cards from the initial three sets of the original game, coupled with exclusive new cards, giving you the tools to craft truly unique battle strategies.
Switch Exclusives: Be awed by the special, deluxe battle animations that have been introduced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch version.

Master the Art of Card Battles

  • Engaging One-on-One Battles: Utilize a dynamic trio of card types to devise and execute your winning strategy. Each card comes with distinct abilities, crucial to securing victory at the opportune moment.
  • Advanced Deck Building: Delve into the craft of deck creation. Choose from seven unique classes, each bringing a set of distinctive cards and abilities. Grow your collection with over 600 cards and let your strategies evolve with every new addition.
  • Competitive and Social Play: Take part in various match types – savor the thrill of ranked matches, enjoy the freedom of free matches, and connect in lobby matches. Online play blossoms with the chance to acquire new cards and exchange deck codes. For a more personal touch, local wireless play allows you to challenge your friends directly.
  • Vivid Characters: Connect with the diverse personalities from the Shadowverse anime, and be prepared to encounter brand new characters exclusive to this game. Build relationships, complete quests, and soak up the vibrant student life around you.

Connect Globally or Locally
Whether you are a competitive player aiming for the top or someone who prefers the camaraderie of friendly matches, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle offers a play style for everyone. Engage with players globally through online matches, or challenge nearby friends to a duel – the world of Shadowverse is vast and full of opportunities.

Specification: Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle – Nintendo Switch

Release date

August 10, 2021

Product Dimensions

6.69 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches; 1.6 ounces

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Video Game



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1.6 ounces



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Date First Available

April 1, 2021


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Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle – Nintendo Switch
Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle – Nintendo Switch

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