Shadows: Awakening – Xbox One

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Original price was: $17.97.Current price is: $15.46.

• Extensive gameplay – 40+ hours for a single play through, with replayability options
• Seamlessly switch between the shadow realm and the mortal plane
• Gripping storyline in a world full of myths, destinies, and legendary creatures
• Real-time tactical combat with devastating skills and spells
• Unique party system with multiple characters in one demon
• Choose from 3 heroes with their own stories and quests
• Consume the souls of 15 playable characters with unique skill sets

Original price was: $17.97.Current price is: $15.46.

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Embark on a new journey within the enthralling Heretic Kingdoms saga with Shadows: Awakening. After a treacherous betrayal, the members of the Penta Nera, a secretive council, face their demise, only to have their souls captured by malevolent demons known as the Devourers. These demons have the terrifying ability to absorb and manifest the memories and essences of the souls they consume.

Rising once more in the realm of the living, the demonic incarnations of the Penta Nera resume their relentless pursuit of power and immortality. But such dark aspirations come at a grave cost. Shadows: Awakening transcends the bounds of a traditional action RPG, offering you a real-time tactical combat experience where your decisions bear weight upon a world teetering between salvation and doom.

Master the World of Heretic Kingdoms

Assume control of a mighty demon summoned from the Shadow Realm, known as the Devourer. This entity is tasked with unifying the souls of deceased heroes to undertake an epic quest fraught with peril and intrigue. With a rich narrative and breathtaking visuals, you must use your acumen and tactical prowess to navigate this complex world.

Main Features:

  • Extensive Gameplay: Over 40 hours in a single playthrough with immense replay value.
  • Two Unique Worlds: Effortlessly transition between the Shadow Realm and the Mortal Plane to uncover a riveting storyline enveloped in mythology and legendary quests.
  • Real-Time Tactical Combat: Fuse the abilities of your characters strategically to unleash powerful spells and devastating skills during combat.
  • Unique Party System: A demon hosting multiple character souls, each preserving distinct identities. Experience internal dialogues, confrontations, and interactions among characters.
  • Vast Character Selection: Select from 3 initial heroes, each with their own narrative, quests, and dialogue. Absorb the souls of 15 playable characters, all featuring individual skill sets.

Will you take the reins and command the demon to prevent an impending cataclysm? Or will you lead the world into utter destruction? The choice lies within your grasp. Prepare yourself for a world where your very soul is contested property, and your cunning is your greatest weapon.

Specification: Shadows: Awakening – Xbox One

Release date

September 4, 2018

Product Dimensions

0.5 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches; 2.72 ounces

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Video Game



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2.72 ounces


Kalypso Media

Date First Available

June 1, 2018


Brand: Kalypso Media

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Shadows: Awakening – Xbox One
Shadows: Awakening – Xbox One

Original price was: $17.97.Current price is: $15.46.
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