Road 96 – PlayStation 5

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Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $19.90.

• Moments of action, exploration, contemplative melancholy, human encounters, and wacky situations.
• Set against a backdrop of authoritarian rule and oppression.
• A stunning visual style and soundtrack filled with 90s hits.
• Thousands of routes through the game combined so each player can create their own unique stories.
• A crazy, beautiful road-trip adventure inspired by renowned indie creators.
• Discover exciting places and unusual people on your personal journey to freedom.
• An ever-evolving story-driven adventure influenced by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho.
• Made by the award-winning creators of Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold.

Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $19.90.

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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Road 96, a breath-taking, procedurally generated road trip that defies the norms and promises an unforgettable gaming experience. Crafted by the genius minds of renowned indie developers, this is no ordinary journey. It’s the summer of 1996, and the air is thick with the spirit of adventure, freedom, and the urgent need to escape!

Forge your path to liberation and evade the overbearing grip of the Regime. But be warned, survival is key. As you venture closer to the border on this perilous road trip, encounters with diverse characters will unfold, each bearing their own entangled stories and hidden truths.

Endless Possibilities Await

  • A Unique Adventure Every Time: With endless roads slicing through the authoritarian land of Petria, your choices pave the way to an adventure that’s uniquely yours.
  • A Crazy, Beautiful Journey: Immerse yourself in an ever-evolving narrative that draws inspiration from the likes of Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho.
  • Award-winning Pedigree: Created by the acclaimed creators behind Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold, Road 96 promises an adventure like no other.

Experience Diverse Gameplay

Every mile traversed presents you with decisive moments to alter your tale. It’s an epic concoction of:

  • Heart-pounding action
  • Riveting exploration
  • Thoughtful moments of melancholy
  • Heart-warming human interactions
  • A dash of bizarre, wacky situations

Set amidst the stark contrast of oppression and rebellion, Road 96 not only tests your survival instincts but also presents a visually stunning experience complemented by a soundtrack resonating with the hits of the ’90s.

Create Your Own Story

With a myriad of pathways woven into the gameplay, every player is guaranteed to author a series of unique stories that reflect their choices and persona, leaving a lasting impact on the world of Road 96.

Road 96 on PlayStation 5 is not just a game—it’s a journey molded by your decisions, shaped by your interactions, and remembered for the stories it tells.

Specification: Road 96 – PlayStation 5

Release date

April 14, 2022

Product Dimensions

6.69 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches; 2.4 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



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Item Weight

2.39 ounces


Merge Games

Date First Available

February 25, 2022


Brand: Merge Games

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Road 96 – PlayStation 5
Road 96 – PlayStation 5

Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $19.90.
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