Resident Evil 4 – PS5

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• Reawaken a Classic – Resident Evil 4 preserves the essence of the original game with realistic visuals and additional narrative depth.
• Modernized Gameplay – Engage in frenzied combat, explore a European village, and solve puzzles to survive.
• Overwhelming Hordes – Face diverse enemies with new methods of attack.
• Survive on a Knife’s Edge – Use Leon’s knife to parry attacks and deliver precise finishing moves.
• Sophisticated Visuals – Breathtakingly photorealistic visuals in 4K.
• Attaché’d at the Hip – The iconic attaché case allows for item management and customization options.
• Good Things on Offer – Fan-favorite characters and gameplay systems with meaningful player choice.


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Reimagined Classic

Reawaken a Classic – The legendary Resident Evil 4 comes back to life through the power of Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, offering players remarkably realistic visuals and additional narrative depth to this iconic adventure.

Gameplay Evolution

  • Modernized Gameplay – Building on the revitalized mechanics of the modern Resident Evil series, this title introduces intense combat experiences against the crazed Ganados, while players navigate the madness-beleaguered European village and uncover new puzzles and secrets.
  • Overwhelming Hordes – Leon faces a multitude of frenzied enemies, each with more varied attack patterns than seen in the original, placing survival at the forefront of the experience.

Survival Tactics

  • Survive on a Knife’s Edge – Enhance your survival odds through strategic knife use, developed through Leon’s rigorous training. Master the art of parrying to evade deadly blows and incapacitate adversaries with precision.
  • Utilize stealth and surprise attacks to take down enemies before they become a threat.

Graphic Enhancement

Sophisticated Visuals – Experience the terror with photorealistic graphics in 4K resolution. The RE Engine ensures every shadow and ray of light contributes to an intimate atmosphere, immersing players in the game’s terrifying world.

Inventive Features

  • Attaché’d at the Hip – The iconic inventory system returns, revamped to include on-the-fly crafting of ammunition as well as comprehensive item management. Customize your attaché case with various colors and charms to fit your style.
  • Good Things on Offer – Return to familiar faces and improved gameplay mechanics, with the Weapon Merchant offering more than just firearms. Exchange gems for equipment and customize your arsenal to suit your combat style.

Specification: Resident Evil 4 – PS5

Release date

March 24, 2023

Product Dimensions

0.57 x 6.75 x 5.26 inches; 2.72 ounces

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Video Game





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Item Weight

2.72 ounces


Capcom USA

Date First Available

October 20, 2022


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Resident Evil 4 – PS5

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