Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! — Nintendo Switch

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• Family-friendly, easy-to-learn gameplay suitable for all ages
• Timeless action-puzzle genre with high replay value
• First-ever four-player co-op story mode in the series
• Engaging narrative set on Rainbow Islands with charming characters
• Progressive difficulty for a relaxing yet challenging experience
• Innovative 2 vs 2 multiplayer mode adds competitive fun
• Variety of items and stage gimmicks to enhance gameplay


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An Enchanting Tale on Rainbow Islands

Bub, Bob, Peb, and Pab return in a whimsical narrative set in the picturesque Rainbow Islands. Miniroon—a creature reminiscent of Bub—triggers chaos by inadvertently wrapping the entire island in bubbles! It’s up to our quartet of amicable bubble dragons to resolve Miniroon’s bubbly predicaments.

Embrace the latest adventure filled with engaging stages that escalate in difficulty, providing an experience that is simultaneously straightforward, soothing, and entertaining.

Game Features

  • Uncomplicated and Relaxing: Perfect for players of all ages and a hit with the family.
  • Classic Gameplay: The action-puzzle mechanics are easy to pick up, but hard to put down.
  • Co-operative Story Mode: Dive into the fray with up to four friends—a franchise first!
  • Innovative Multiplayer Mode: Experience 2 vs 2 matchups; a novel introduction to the series.
  • Engaging Extras: Spice up your bubble-busting with an array of items and clever stage gimmicks.

Specification: Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! — Nintendo Switch


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Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! — Nintendo Switch
Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! — Nintendo Switch


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