Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 Playstation 4

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• Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 for PlayStation 4
• Includes six classic shooting games
• Samurai Aces: Rescue the Shogun’s daughter from an evil worshipper
• Tengai: Stop the military sect from sacrificing the shogun’s daughter
• Sengoku Cannon/Samurai Aces 3: Uncover the mystery of disappearing villagers
• Gunbird: Join a diverse group of characters in search of a magical mirror
• Gunbird 2: Help seven warriors obtain a legendary potion
• Released between 1993 and 2005
• A must-have collection for shooting game enthusiasts
• Available for PlayStation 4


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Experience the thrill of classic arcade action with the Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 for PlayStation 4. This collection brings together a selection of timeless shoot ’em up games, each with its unique story, characters, and gameplay. Fans of the genre and new players alike will find something to love in this exciting compilation.

Featured Games


  • Kidnapped Shogun’s Daughter: An evil worship has taken the shogun’s daughter, prompting a call to arms for six unlikely heroes to prevent her sacrifice to a dark deity.
  • 1993 Classic: Dive into the history of shoot ’em ups with this original release that set the stage for many games to follow.


  • Shinrano Sect Strikes: With the shogun’s daughter in the hands of an ominous sect, a band of outcasts must rise to save her and thwart the plans of a demon god.
  • 1996 Release: Continue your retro gaming journey with this title that brought a unique twist to the shooter genre.


  • Village Mystery: As villagers inexplicably vanish, hero mercenaries are called upon to solve the riddle, uncovering soul-wrenching machines and a lost princess’s secret.
  • New Millennium Classic: Released in 2005, this game combines modern elements with the nostalgic feel of its predecessors.


  • Quest for the Magical Mirror: Join an eclectic group consisting of a witch, a robot, an adventurer, a martial artist, and a warrior monkey on their quest to piece together a magical mirror.
  • 1994 Debut: Embark on a vintage arcade experience that mixes fantasy with frantic shooting action.


  • Legendary Potion Challenge: Seven quirky characters embark on a quest for a potion crafted by a divine god, each seeking to fulfill their grandest wishes.
  • 1998 Adventure: Continue your shoot ’em up adventure with another beloved title that adds layers of fun and strategy to the series.

Whether you’re reliving your arcade memories or discovering these gems for the first time, Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 promises hours of engaging gameplay and bullet-hell excitement on the PlayStation 4.

Specification: Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 Playstation 4


Brand: Clear River Games

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Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 Playstation 4
Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 2 Playstation 4

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