Pok̩mon Legends: Arceus РUS Version

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• Action meets RPG in this new take on the Pokémon series
• Study Pokémon behaviors, sneak up on them, and toss a well-aimed Poké Ball to catch them
• Unleash moves in the speedy agile style or the powerful strong style in battles
• Travel to the Hisui region—the Sinnoh of old—and build the region’s first Pokédex
• Learn about the Mythical Pokémon Arceus, the key to this mysterious tale

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $56.72.

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Action Meets RPG: A New Pokémon Frontier

Prepare for an unprecedented Pokémon experience with Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Developed by Game Freak, this title is a fusion of action-packed gameplay with the beloved RPG elements of the Pokémon series. Set off on survey missions and delve into the untamed wilderness of the ancient Hisui region.

  • Observe and learn the wild Pokémon’s behavior to capture them effectively.
  • Approach stealthily and use a well-aimed Poké Ball for successful captures.
  • Engage in battle by releasing your Pokémon close to a wild one, seamlessly transitioning to combat.
  • Navigate diverse landscapes on Pokémon-back including traversing land, sea, and air.

Embark on a Historical Mission

In the majestic Hisui region, a land yet to be documented by Pokémon researchers, your task is to catalog its inhabitants and create the very first regional Pokédex. The iconic Mount Coronet dominates this ancient version of Sinnoh, surrounded by unique and varied ecosystems waiting to be explored.

  • Discover new Pokémon such as Wyrdeer, an evolution of Stantler.
  • Encounter regional Hisuian forms like Growlithe, Zorua, and Zoroark.
  • Unravel the enigma surrounding Arceus, the Mythical Pokémon central to the region’s lore.

Free Daybreak Update

The Daybreak update, free of charge, introduces new engaging content post-game:

  • Explore the phenomena of Pokémon mass outbreaks across Hisui.
  • Challenge the might of Legendary Pokémon in the Eternal Battle Reverie.
  • Test your skills against village wardens and more at the Jubilife Village training grounds.

Please note: The Daybreak content is accessible after finishing the main game and viewing the credits. The Eternal Battle Reverie unlocks upon the completion of all missions.

Trademark Acknowledgement

© 2022 Pokémon. © 1995–2022 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. Pokémon and Nintendo Switch are registered trademarks of Nintendo.

Specification: Pok̩mon Legends: Arceus РUS Version

Release date

January 28, 2022

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6.61 x 4.09 x 0.39 inches; 2.08 ounces

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Video Game





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2.08 ounces



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May 26, 2021


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Pok̩mon Legends: Arceus РUS Version
Pok̩mon Legends: Arceus РUS Version

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $56.72.
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