Planescape Torment & Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editions – Nintendo Switch

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• Contains both Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions
• Explore the furthest and most bizarre reaches of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse
• Filled with strange magics, talking weapons, philosophic undead, and more
• Icewind Dale is a tactical isometric roleplaying game set in the legendary Forgotten Realms
• Over 30 new kits and classes to create the perfect adventuring party
• Customize heroes with expanded options for hair, skin, and clothing colors
• Play alone or with friends in co-op multiplayer
• Includes original campaigns, expansions, and restored quest content


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Planescape: Torment

“What can change the nature of a man?”

Immerse yourself in the role of the Nameless One, a being etched with scars and tattoos from countless past lives. With no memory of these lives, you wake up at the hands of Morte, a secretive floating skull propelling you into a journey that spans from the grimy alleys of Sigil to the enigmatic outer reaches of the cosmos, and even into the fiery depths of Hell itself.
As you traverse this odyssey, the gravity of fate and the weight of your memories become overwhelmingly clear – some destinies are inescapable, and some memories more burdensome than immortality can withstand.


Embark on a quest through the most extraordinary realms of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, teeming with peculiar magic, sentient weaponry, philosophical undead, and realms beyond imagination.


Join forces with an eclectic band of companions:

  • A demure succubus whose kiss can be deadly.
  • A perplexed cube wielding a crossbow.
  • An animated suit of armor, fueled by a spirit craving justice.

These are just a few of the allies you will encounter on your voyage across the planes.

  • Original Planescape: Torment campaign
  • Restored quest content that was cut from the original release

Icewind Dale

Evil stirs beneath the Spine of the World.

Embark on an odyssey into Icewind Dale, a land of extreme climates and unyielding folk. Engage in battles against shrewd and ferocious creatures thriving amidst the snow-laden mountains, and brace yourself against a nefarious force seeking to unleash havoc upon the realm.

A classic experience from the year 2000, Icewind Dale is a Dungeons & Dragons tactical isometric role-playing game anchored in the acclaimed Forgotten Realms.


Craft the ultimate band of heroes with more than 30 new kits and classes available. Customize your adventurers from head to toe with heightened choices in hair, skin, and clothing shades, alongside an assortment of fresh portraits and vocal expressions.


Whether you go at it solo or rally your friends for cooperative multiplayer fun, Icewind Dale presents a formidable challenge with its unforgiving setting and gripping storyline.

  • Original Icewind Dale campaign
  • Heart of Winter expansion
  • Trials of the Luremaster expansion
  • Dice, Camera, Action! voice and portrait pack
  • Adventurers of Neverwinter voice and portrait pack
  • Restored quest content previously omitted from the original game

Package Includes:

  • Both Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions
  • Planescape: Torment – Delve into the deepest, most enigmatic parts of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, filled with bizarre magics, sentient armaments, and reflective undead.
  • Icewind Dale – A carefully crafted Dungeons & Dragons tactical role-playing experience initially launched in the year 2000, set in the iconic Forgotten Realms.

Specification: Planescape Torment & Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editions – Nintendo Switch

Release date

October 15, 2019

Product Dimensions

4.33 x 6.69 x 0.59 inches; 1.76 ounces

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Video Game



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1.76 ounces


Skybound Games

Date First Available

July 1, 2019


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Planescape Torment & Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editions – Nintendo Switch
Planescape Torment & Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editions – Nintendo Switch

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