Persona 5 Standard Edition – PlayStation 4 [video game]

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• Persona 5 is a highly anticipated video game that marks the return of the award-winning franchise on home consoles since the PS2 generation.
• It offers fast-paced Japanese role-playing game mechanics and exciting action sequences.
• The game features vibrantly stylized characters, enemies, and environments, as well as elegant anime-style cut-scenes.
• Players will embark on extraordinary adventures as a group of troubled high school students known as Phantom Thieves.
• They will use supernatural abilities to enter people’s hearts and explore the concept of Persona, representing one’s true self.
• The game encourages players to break free from societal expectations and embrace their inner strength.
• With a captivating soundtrack composed by Shoji Meguro, Persona 5 offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.


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Step into the captivating universe of Persona 5, a game that masterfully intertwines the everyday lives of high school students with the extraordinary. Encounter a group of unique characters each grappling with their internal and external conflicts, and watch as they transform into the mysterious Phantom Thieves.

Story and Characters

In the vibrant city of Tokyo, you’ll navigate the ordinary life of an everyday student—attending classes, participating in after-school activities, and managing part-time jobs. Beyond the mundane, a thrilling escapade awaits as you unlock the power of the Persona. This power, stemming from the concept of the “self,” allows you to confront the facades society upholds and awaken a hidden potential within.

Key Features:

  • Award-Winning Legacy: The return of the celebrated series to home consoles since the PS2 era.
  • Energetic JRPG Gameplay: Engage in fast-paced role-playing game mechanics combined with breathtaking action sequences.
  • Stylish Art and Animation: Immerse yourself in beautifully stylized characters, environments, and cinematic anime-style cut-scenes.
  • Enthralling Soundtrack: Get lost in the rhythms of acid jazz music crafted by the talented composer Shoji Meguro.
  • Dynamic Action: Tackle obstacles with the elegance of a Phantom Thief. Whether you’re new to the series or a seasoned player, the intuitive controls offer a challenge that’s both accessible and complex.

Specification: Persona 5 Standard Edition – PlayStation 4 [video game]

Package Dimensions

6.69 x 5.28 x 0.47 inches; 2.12 ounces

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Video Game


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2.11 ounces



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March 28, 2017


Brand: Atlus

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Persona 5 Standard Edition – PlayStation 4 [video game]
Persona 5 Standard Edition – PlayStation 4 [video game]

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