Outbreak: Contagious Memories – Nintendo Switch

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• Exclusive Amazon cover artwork
• Decision-driven gameplay impacting survival
• Classic survival horror with modern co-op play
• Solo or multiplayer options
• Multiple camera angles: 1st person, 3rd person, fixed
• Bonus content with Operation: Rabid Wolf mode
• Replayability with unlockable features


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Welcome to a chilling adventure with Outbreak: Contagious Memories, where every choice you make could be the difference between life and death. Inspired by the classic horror games of the 90s, this game will immerse you into a world where survival hinges on your quick decision-making and strategic resource management.

Storyline and Gameplay

After Lydia finds herself unconscious and stranded in what appears to be a desolate warehouse, it becomes clear that survival is a lone struggle. Refusing to succumb to the notion of being the damsel in distress, Lydia is determined to dictate her own fate and those of her newfound comrades. Navigate through the desolation by:

  • Mastering complex environmental puzzles.
  • Managing scarce resources.
  • Strategically engaging or evading the undead.

In Outbreak: Contagious Memories, each item you carry and every clue you uncover can steer the outcome of your journey. Ammunition is precious, and so are medical supplies – what will be your choice when faced with the relentless undead?

Cooperative Play

You might be surrounded by zombies, but you’re not alone in this fight. Team up with a friend and tackle the outbreak together. Whether you’re strategizing a way out or simply looking to survive the next few moments, two heads are better than one – especially against the horde.

Customizable Perspectives

Experience the horror from every angle with fully customizable camera options. Switch seamlessly among 1st person, 3rd person, and classic fixed camera views, and navigate Outbreak’s dystopian universe in the way that terrifies you the most.

Bonus Content: Operation: Rabid Wolf

Spice up your experience with the bonus arcade game, Operation: Rabid Wolf. Face the challenge solo or join forces with a friend – rescue survivors, outmaneuver the undead, and perhaps even throw a punch or two to beat the game. But be warned: one playthrough will only scratch the surface. There’s more content hidden beneath waiting to be unlocked!

Amazon Exclusive

This edition of Outbreak: Contagious Memories boasts an exclusive cover artwork only available on Amazon. It’s a unique addition for collectors and fans of the series.

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Decision-based survival: Every choice, including what items to carry and which paths to follow, is significant.
  • Classic 90’s horror roots with modern co-op play.
  • Interactive cameras: Transition between camera modes for a tailored gameplay experience.
  • Unlockable content: Discover a range of extras, including the thrilling Operation: Rabid Wolf.

Grab your copy now and escape the outbreak – your way!

Specification: Outbreak: Contagious Memories – Nintendo Switch


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Outbreak: Contagious Memories – Nintendo Switch
Outbreak: Contagious Memories – Nintendo Switch


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