No More Heroes 3 – Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 5

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Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $21.53.

• Day 1 Edition includes a 70-page art book, soundtrack CD, and commemorative license plate
• Engage in outrageous boss battles and rise through the Galactic Superhero Rankings
• Customize your combat style with the Death Glove and unleash extreme violence
• Take on odd jobs and explore unique locations to earn cash
• Enjoy sharper visuals, improved load times, and better responsiveness for an enhanced gaming experience.

Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $21.53.

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The legendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns once again to the Garden of Madness! The evil Prince FU, a self-proclaimed superhero from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, has landed on Earth with his sights set on world conquest. In order to save humanity, our no-more-hero must fight to rise to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings, taking on each of FU’s nine alien henchmen before he can earn a title match against the prince himself.

That’s right, nerds—No More Heroes 3 is back and better than ever on a host of new platforms! Everyone’s favorite otaku assassin, Travis Touchdown, has been forced out of retirement to defend not only Santa Destroy, but Earth itself. This time, “number-one assassin” won’t cut it; Travis will have to take on the superhero from beyond the stars in an intergalactic test of might.

It’s his toughest challenge yet, but with a full repertoire of new abilities, tools, and jobs at his disposal, he’ll prove he’s more than a middle-aged has-been who talks to his cat. Dust off that beam katana, snap on those shades, and kill or be killed!

What’s in the Day 1 Edition:

  • Art Book: A 5.3″ x 7.3″ softcover 70-page art book featuring game illustrations.
  • Soundtrack CD: A compilation of select songs that capture the game’s essence.
  • Santa Destroy Licence Plate: A 7″ x 4″ commemorative biker license plate, a collectible memorabilia.

All these goodies come in a custom box adorned with an original illustration, making it a must-have for fans.

Key Features:

  • Grow Your Galactic Legend: Engage in outrageous boss battles, each packed with personality. Climb the ranks and prove your stature in the universe.
  • Old Dog, New Tricks: Travis resumes his role as a beam katana boss and takes violence to new extremes with the Death Glove customization. Combat is exciting and tuned to your playstyle.
  • Superheroic Side Hustles: Addition of odd jobs like Coast Guard missions or toilet cleaning allows for fun ways to earn extra cash. Venture to places like Neo Brazil and Thunderdome for even more adventure.
  • Bolder, Badder, and Better Than Ever: With better graphics and reduced load times, immerse yourself in the high-definition ultra-violence No More Heroes 3 promises.

Embrace the mayhem and become the hero Earth desperately needs in No More Heroes 3 – Day 1 Edition for PlayStation 5.

Specification: No More Heroes 3 – Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 5


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No More Heroes 3 – Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 5
No More Heroes 3 – Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 5

Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $21.53.
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