NERF Legends (PS4)

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• Sci-fi NERF adventure in locations like Fortress Siege & Spaceport Blastoff
• 15 authentic NERF blasters from Mega, Ultra, Elite lines
• Customizable blasters with skins and perks
• Dart powerups: magnetic push/pull, seeker darts, freeze
• Single-player campaign with 10 robot types & 5 boss battles
• Challenges include trials, trick shots, puzzles, and navigation
• 19 levels plus tournament courses
• Online multiplayer: 4v4 and 8-player free-for-all
• Custom character creator for personalized avatars


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Epic Sci-Fi World Setting

NERF Legends invites you to a high-stakes universe where futuristic landscapes meet exhilarating battles. Step into a world of science fiction where robots abound and imposing bosses seek to challenge your combat skills. You must navigate through unique and captivating environments, utilizing your NERF prowess to come out on top.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

Prepare to immerse yourself in extreme gaming environments, as you are transported to stunning out-of-this-world locations that include:

  • Fortress Siege – A bastion of mystery and danger
  • Jungle Trouble – Where lush foliage hides lurking foes
  • Ragnarok – A Norse-inspired battlefield
  • Spaceport Blastoff – A gateway to the stars full of action

Legendary NERF Arsenal

Armed with a diverse selection of 15 Authentic NERF Blasters from the Mega, Ultra, and Elite lines, you have an extensive arsenal at your disposal. Enhance your battle strategy and customize your blasters with:

  • Upgradable perks
  • Eye-catching skins

Dynamic Powerups and Strategy

Bolster your firepower and gain the upper hand with unique dart powerups that can change how you confront your enemies:

  • Magnetic push
  • Magnetic pull
  • Seeker darts
  • Freeze ability to stop enemies in their tracks

Challenging Campaign & Multiplayer Modes

Embark on a thrilling Single-Player campaign, complete with:

  • 10 varying enemy robot types
  • 5 boss battles that will test your skills
  • 19 single player levels
  • Tournament courses with trials, trick shots, puzzles, and navigation challenges

Join in the multiplayer excitement with customizable 4 vs 4 team battles or an 8 player free-for-all in the online multiplayer modes. Craft and customize your avatar to your liking with the custom character creator!

Embark on your journey to become the ultimate NERF hero in “NERF Legends” and show the world that your NERF skills are unrivaled.

Specification: NERF Legends (PS4)


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