Need for Speed Unbound PS5 | VideoGame | English

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• Unique graffiti-inspired visual style blending street art with realistic cars
• High-energy visual and sound effects, including Burst Nitrous for speed boosts
• Risk-based gameplay: drift, evade cops, and bet against rivals
• Earn cash for weekly qualifiers to compete in The Grand race
• New escape mechanics to outsmart police pursuits
• Customize cars and style with exclusive gear and wraps
• Vibrant global soundtrack featuring A$AP Rocky and diverse hip-hop artists
• Composed by Brodinski, connecting techno and Atlanta trap


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Welcome to The Grand

The ultimate street racing challenge awaits you in Need for Speed™ Unbound. Over four thrilling weeks, you’ll strive to qualify for The Grand, the premier street racing event in Lakeshore. Here’s what to expect:

  • Compete in weekly qualifiers and dominate the competition.
  • Evade and outsmart aggressive police forces hot on your tail.
  • Build and customize your ultimate garage with precision-tuned, iconic cars.
  • Light up the streets with your personal style and a dynamic, global soundtrack.

All-New Aesthetic

Experience a groundbreaking visual style, merging the raw energy of street art with hyper-realistic car models—a first in Need for Speed history. Your driving experience is enhanced with:

  • A vibrant range of high-octane visual and audio effects.
  • Groundbreaking Burst Nitrous feature for explosive speed boosts.

Take the Risks, Win the Race

Fortune favors the bold in Need for Speed Unbound. To reach the apex:

  • Take strategic risks with jaw-dropping drifts and bold maneuvers.
  • Outpace law enforcement in high-stakes police chases.
  • Wager your earnings and go all-in on intense side bets.

Build the Heat and Beat the Chase

As the stakes get higher, so does the heat. Outwit the authorities with nimble tactics:

  • Utilize new escape mechanics to gain the upper hand.
  • Make crucial decisions on whether to flee, fight, or find cover.
  • Dominate the streets and accumulate unparalleled rewards.

Express Your Style

Showcase your individuality with an expansive customization suite:

  • Create a bespoke look with hundreds of cosmetic items.
  • Partner with pioneering fashion brands for exclusive gear.
  • Adorn your cars with unique wraps and custom modifications.
  • Celebrate your victories with personalized win poses.

Immerse in a Trailblazing Soundtrack

Get swept away by a genre-defying soundtrack that pulses with the rhythm of the streets:

  • Headlined by A$AP Rocky and the visionary collective AWGE.
  • Brodinski, the pioneer French producer, delivers an original score marrying European techno with Atlanta’s trap.
  • Encapsulate the raw essence of underground hip hop from around the globe.

Specification: Need for Speed Unbound PS5 | VideoGame | English


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Need for Speed Unbound PS5 | VideoGame | English
Need for Speed Unbound PS5 | VideoGame | English

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