Need for Speed: V Rally

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• Dive into off-road racing with Need for Speed: V Rally’s gritty experience.
• Compete on 42 diverse tracks across global locations, from Sweden to Indonesia.
• Choose from 11 authentic World Rally Championship cars.
• Race in dynamic weather conditions: rain, sunshine, or snow.
• Experience day and night cycles adding realism to your rally.
• Customize and tune your vehicle for optimal performance.
• Enjoy visually stunning graphics with vibrant scenery and detailed tracks.


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Immerse Yourself in Racing Adventure

Take your need for speed to the dirt as you race across 42 breathtaking tracks from Sweden to Indonesia. Feel the rush of high-speed racing through dynamic scenery that changes with the time of day and weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, sun, or snow, each race is a thrilling experience in “Need for Speed: V Rally”.

Exclusive Features

  • Extensive Track Selection: Race on 42 diverse tracks, each with a distinct layout and design that promises to deliver an exhilarating racing experience.
  • Vehicles: Choose from a lineup of 11 iconic cars straight out of the World Rally Championship; each car is ready to dominate the track.
  • Visual Delight: Witness scenery blaze by in stunning detail, whether you are racing by day or night, ensuring each race is visually spectacular.
  • Customization: Tune your car’s performance to perfection and stay ahead of the pack with strategic modifications.

Detailed Review

Need for Speed: V-Rally is Electronic Arts’ fresh take within the racing genre, but it’s an entirely new beast compared to its NFS predecessors. The NFS moniker might be familiar, but prepare for a novel experience as V-Rally was developed by a different team and brings its unique flavor to the racing table.

An impressive array of content features all 42 tracks and 11 cars ported over from Europe, showcasing an expansive selection rare in other racing titles. Each track stands out with thoughtful designs and diverse racing conditions such as dirt, asphalt, snow, and rain. Rally enthusiasts will appreciate the collection of rally cars, including the fan-favorite Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer, among other renowned models.

V-Rally boasts some of the finest graphics in racing games, displaying smooth and colorful environments that make each track a pleasure to race on. Car designs are well-executed, although slightly outshone by the intricacy of the tracks. Sound effects provide an adequate backdrop without the annoyance typical of engine sounds in racing games. The music hits the standard rock vibe of the genre, with several standout pieces that enrich the gameplay.

While V-Rally captivates with its visual appeal and multitude of tracks, success in the racing genre requires more—precisely the area where V-Rally stumbles. The control mechanics are less than ideal; cars spin out with frustrating ease. Despite tweaking options to mitigate understeering, vehicles still exhibit unruly behavior, affecting the gaming experience significantly.

In conclusion, “Need for Speed: V Rally” had the potential to ascend to the top of driving games. Nevertheless, due to its problematic control system, it ends up being a visually impressive title lacking in playability. Those searching for a solid driving game might find other titles more rewarding.

Review by Dave Toister
©1999 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduced under express permission.

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Specification: Need for Speed: V Rally

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5.5 x 0.5 x 5 inches; 1.6 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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1.6 ounces


Electronic Arts

Date First Available

November 1, 1999


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