My Time at Sandrock – PlayStation 5

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• Adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world
• Build and upgrade a workshop with intricate machines
• Craft unique items for decoration, gifting, and community aid
• Explore vast deserts and uncover Old World relics
• Engage with over 30 new characters through detailed stories and side quests
• Form deep relationships, including marriage and family options
• Dynamic combat with melee and third-person shooting
• Participate in mini-games like sand running and fishing
• Cultivate land for farming and cooking to boost income


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Wholesome Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Step into the world of My Time at Sandrock, an endearing sequel to My Time at Portia. Journey 300 years into the future to a time where modern technologies have fallen to the Day of Calamity but hope thrives in the desert community of Sandrock. As a budding Builder, it’s your job to elevate your workshop from the derelict to the ingenious, all the while staving off economic collapse.

Your Workshop Revival Checklist

  • Machine Mastery: Utilize a complex array of machinery to craft parts for grand structures, boosting Sandrock’s vitality and aesthetics.
  • Creation Station: Fashion over a hundred personalized items to ornament your home, cater to the townspeople’s wishes, or spruce up the local environment.

A World Awaiting Discovery

Trek into the unknown – navigate the expansive deserts encircling Sandrock. Dig deep into the ruins for remnants of the Old World, scour the rugged landscape for resources, or simply while away the time amongst friends in the sandy sprawl of your new home.

Unfolding Narratives

Delve into the hearts and minds of over 30 unique characters. My Time at Sandrock weaves a rich tapestry of relationship possibilities with in-depth storylines and a multitude of side quests. Forge friendships, kindle romance, start a family, and immerse yourself in community life.

Reimagined Combat

Redefine your arsenal with the seamless switch from melee blows to third-person shooting. Employ an array of new weaponry and exploit the defense break mechanic to turn the tide of combat, or bolster your powers for brute force. Brave the diverse enemy roster, from dungeon dwellers to the unpredictable desert dangers.

Leisure in the Desert Landscape

Get to know the locals through lively mini-games and seasonal festivities. Sand fishing, gun duels, and agricultural ventures await the savvy entrepreneur. Use your hard-earned workshop profits to transform dry plains into lush farmland, or craft mouthwatering meals for pleasure and profit alike.

Rebuild, adventure, and thrive in the extraordinary setting of My Time at Sandrock, available now for PlayStation 5.

Specification: My Time at Sandrock – PlayStation 5


Brand: PM Studios

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My Time at Sandrock – PlayStation 5
My Time at Sandrock – PlayStation 5

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